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Leonardo Dicaprio Cares For Earth, Take A Look At His Cars And Say For Yourself

When Leonardo Dicaprio delivered his motivating speech at the Oscars, climate change formed the center of his words. Now, many people out there are already aware of the fact that Dicaprio happens to be a very active environmentalist and among all other things, he loves cars a lot. But, many don’t know that the cars that he owns all satisfy the green quotient and are either electric or hybrid models.

Tesla Roaster

One of the finest choices for an electric sports car, Tesla Roaster was the very first production that used Li-ion battery to charge the car. Additionally, it is also the first all-electric production that is capable of travelling a total distance of 400 kilometers running on a single charge. The car is a two door model that is capable of reaching a speed close to 100 kms from zero in just about 3.5 seconds.

Fisker Karma

Featuring an all new interior set up called Eco-Chic’, the car uses no animal products as it is found a in a lot of luxury car models to add touches to its interior. The Karma is a high range electric vehicle that drives super-fast with the help of 161 Hp Electric Motor and a 260 Hp front mounted 2.0-liter direct-injection turbocharged gasoline engine that is being sourced all the way from General Motors. The car also carries a solar roof which aids to maintain a moderate cabin control system. As a matter of fact, Dicaprio himself is a brand ambassador and also an investor for Fisker Automotive, which is essentially a startup company in California.

Toyota Prius

One of the best in the segment of full hybrid and electric charged mid-sized hatchback, Toyota Prius is one of the most economical cars out there. The car runs on a 1.8 litre of gasoline that is capable of generating more than 98 Horse power and the addition of electric charge takes it up to 134 HP.

Hence, you can get the real inspiration to know the interesting facts about this actor who loves to have exclusive models of new sedans.

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