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Highlights Of The Most Awaited India Pakistan Match Today

Everyone is waiting for the Indian Pakistan war that’s to held at Eden Gardens on Saturday and representatives from the teams Sunil Gavaskar and Javed Miandad comes up with a hope to win the match. They said that politics should be kept out and it would be a fair game where both the teams would fight finally exploring ultimate victory. Both the team previous won T20 match but none of them won it at home ground and thus it comes out as a great challenge for India team.

Former Indian Batsman Sunil Gavaskar reveals the fact that Pakistan smashed Bangladesh by 55 runs while on the other hand India lead by Mahendra Singh Dhoni lost the match against NewZealand only by 47 runs. Previously Afridi’s ‘India love’ comment gathered criticism and thus Javed Miandad’s Pro India comment would give rise to controversies. Miandad is recognized as Pakistan’s Warrior Prince and Gavaskar is well known about this fact who’s again one of the famous batsman of Indian team.

Vikram Chandrs ia conducting the NDTV’s show Gavaskar vs Miandad and the entire audience is eagerly waiting to see the show in real time.

Some points to be highlighted are like:

  • Government should provide enough security to the players of both the teams ensuring that the match is being played safely. Javed Miandad said that Kolkata is a place where he can find only the sports loving people and they never faced any type of security threat.
  • Miandada even said that India was not able to perform well in their last match while Pakistan got victory against Bangladesh by 55 runs.
  • He also revealed that the Pakistani players learnt from past experiences and they possess good bowling attacks along with Afridi to bat with complete efficiency for maximum overs in the matches.
  • Pakistan would definitely throw challenge to India team, as T20 World Cup is still on the way.
  • On the other hand, Gavaskar said that if a team is able to manage a score of 180-200 then the game would be a cracker one with India on pressure.
  • Babul Supriyo, the politician again came out with the words that Narendra Modi and Nawaj Sharif, the Prime Ministers of two countries should work on normalizing the relationship between two countries for the sake of safety of the players.
  • Sachin Tendulkar, who’s now the MP of India would be the one to open the ties between India and Pakistan once again along with former Indian batsman Saurav Ganguly.

It’s the time to wake up to the gravity of the situation exploring the fate of the teams waiting to start the war.

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