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Love flying! Fly above Bangalore!!!

Do you love Bangalore so much that you want to see it from the sky? Do you love adventure? Do you love excitement? Then you must certainly be a part of the various parasailing activities that take place in the city. Parasailing is a fun adventure aero sports that you can enjoy. Once you have parasailed, you will always remember the exciting event till your death. Parasailing was earlier not done in the city, but due to its high demand and the availability of all the facilities, it is now made available for one and all in the city of Bangalore.

 Earlier, if a resident of Bangalore wanted to parasail, he had to travel all the way to goa or Chennai to do the same. But, today, you can see many parasailing events being organised in the airport regions of Bangalore. Various companies such as Vikings aero sports and jakkur airport are organising parasailing in Bangalore.

Conditions –

For a person to parasail, he must fulfil the following conditions –

  • He must be over 18 years.
  • He must have a valid identity proof.
  • He must not be under any effects of alcohol or drugs.
  • He must follow the rules and regulations that the organising company puts forth him during the parasailing.
  • He or she must be wearing appropriate outfits to help them sail better.
  • People with alto phobia can avoid the activity, but it is not very dangerous to skip.

The parasailing activity totally depends on the weather conditions of that day. The activity can be cancelled at any moment depending on the climate and weather. It cannot be done in rain or cloudy days. You will need a clear and sunny day to get a good experience of parasailing.

Parasailing versus paragliding –

While parasailing is a recreational kiting sports activity which involves less risk, paragliding is a far riskier sport. In parasailing, you will be towed by a vehicle and will just be flying with the help of a parachute, but will all the less be connected to the vehicle through a strap and rope. In paragliding, you will be set free in a farther altitude to fall to the earth with the help of a parachute. Paragliding is done from longer heights and involve very experienced trainers and coaches. To do a paragliding, you must have profuse knowledge about it and should be trained prior to the activity. This is not the case in parasailing. You will not need any training or coaching regarding the activity. You can go on the day of the adventure without any fear and take part in the parasailing.

Things you need to wear while parasailing –

  • Arm guard
  • Helmet
  • Knee guard

These will be provided by the company with inclusive price.

Parasailing is an entertaining aero sport where you will be towed behind a vehicle. You will be attached to a parachute, so you will be flying. It is a perfect way to have a bird’s eye view of your city. It is done under guarded environment with the supervision of highly experienced trainers. Parasailing is worth a try once in your life.

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