Magnificence of Entrances at Weddings

Wedding is undoubtedly the most important and life changing event in one’s life. The day is special to you, close to your heart and memorable in many ways. You start bracing yourself for the BIG DAY months in advance. You would want to look your best and would want everything to run smoothly and of course having fun is your pre-requisite. You start short listing your priorities – trousseau, theme of the wedding, make-up, decoration, flower arrangement, guest list and food to name a few. While shopping for your wedding could be tedious and fun, deciding on decoration is none less challenging. What colors to use, floral arrangement ideas, how it is going to be different from the one you saw in the last wedding and a gazillion such questions brooding in your head. However, there’s one thing that grabs your guests attention and makes the first impression is the entry gate of all the functions in a wedding. And let’s be brutally honest here, we do notice every minute detail of weddings. With all the mama’s, bhua’s, chahci’s, and pados waali aunties gossiping about the arrangements, you are under a pressure to make a lasting impression. And what better than making the first impression unforgettable!! Whether there is a budget constraint or you have the carte blanche to show off the big bucks, make the wedding entry décor nothing less than fabulous and extravagant. Make your guests at awe of the spectacular entrances. All you need to do is – think out of the box, make extra efforts and plan, plan and plan some more my dear friends. You can even hire a professional help if your budget allows.

You must be feeling it is easier said than done. Well in that case we are here to make this part of the wedding seem enjoyable and interesting with a number of smart ideas to have the most majestic wedding entry gate decorations. Be it Rajwada and traditional or modern and contemporary decoration at the entry gate, we managed to have a sneak – peak into an array of weddings and we’ll share the ideas we found were best and good to be suggested and shared with others. Wedding gate decoration depends to a great extent on the theme, and embellishing it with the right accessories, flowers and lights can certainly add the required elegance to the wedding and make your guests first glance into your wedding memorable. Also, the decoration for morning events might not work for the evening ceremonies. So decision should be made keeping in the mind the time of the day, colors and light. So let’s get started peeps.

  1. Magic of Drapes – this is one of most convenient, easy and cost effective way to deck up the entrance gate. Be it shimmery silk drapes, or leheriya cotton drapes, the ethereal persona of fabrics can do wonders to the entry gates. Choose the fabric color depending on the time of the event. If it is a morning or afternoon event use bright colors to make ceremony vivid and colorful and accessorize with flowers that compliments the drapes. For evening ceremonies use soft color fabric and dazzle it with lights and crystals.Magic of Drapes
  1. Pretty Lights – have always dreamt of a fairy tale wedding, then it is about time to make it come true with lights. LED lights are much in trend and with the right colors and arrangements these can enchant the entrance.2. Pretty Lights
  2. Candles – candles can add the required charm to the wedding. These are perfect decoratives for evening functions. Candles could be placed on antique stands or could be placed in mason jars or fish bowls and there you got a show stealing entrance gate at your wedding.2
  1. Flowers – flowers never fail to light up the mood and make the ambience come alive. These instill positive vibes in the surrounding apart from exuding pleasant fragrance. And that’s the reason flowers are an integral part of all the weddings in India and abroad. Indian weddings are incomplete without Marigolds. Yellow and orange marigolds are perfect for afternoon functions. You can pair them with white Mogras. This combination will never fail to instantly illuminate the venue. For the evening function make your entrance feel fresh with the classy Tulips or Orchids and pair them Roses or Dahlias. These flowers ooze sophistication and would make the wedding entrance grand and stylish.

These simple ideas and inspirations will endow your wedding with the required visual appeal and transform even an average and not so pleasing entrance into a posh and splendid wedding entrance. So, which one’s your favorite entrance decoration design!!??

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