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How Social Media Is Inculcated In Education?

Is Social media just a trend, or the biggest revolutionary discovery in the history of the world? Facebook has around 500 million users, Twitter has over 200 million and millions of videos are uploaded to YouTube every day. There are several blogs written every day and everyone today has Tumblr. It’s impossible to keep our students away from these ever so engaging sites. Therefore, rather than filling the student’s mind with its negative aspects, we should teach them to use this form of media effectively, which is beneficial for them in all the possible ways. Specially how to inculcate social media in their learning process.

  1. Collaboration of students

Today, in many universities and colleges, students are taught over Skype by professors all over the world. Several interviews are conducted over Skype. Moreover, groups are created on WhatsApp and Facebook where students of the same subject interact with each other and share information. This makes the entire world a global village where teachings are not restricted to one place, rather education now collaborates.

  1. Getting social

Social media helps the students to make contacts in the business world which might help them in the future. A site named LinkedIn is very famous, where individuals upload their skills and professions they specialize in with their relevant experience. This then becomes a source to get them many jobs. This way students are able to function effectively and seek help when they are entering the professional world.

  1. Speed of the net

The ease and speed with which the users of these sites upload pictures is a wonder. This way many artists, bloggers who are still at home can share their creative work and get appreciated. There are several pages on the social networking sites which accept creative content and through this the writer, painters and artists get popularity. Moreover, instant feedback from friends and family on these sites can serve as an encouragement to the career path a student wants to choose.

  1. Education of technology

When these students use these sites repeatedly, they become accustomed to using technology and thus their knowledge about it increases. As the world is becoming technological day by day, it’s very important for the new generation to be computer literate. The use of such sites would increase this skill of theirs, which would be useful for them in the future for their professions.

There are always two sides to everything and social media comes in this way too. There are both advantages and disadvantages of this technology. And its use completely depends on the user. However, parents should not stop their kids from doing it, rather a practice should be conducted in schools and colleges where the correct use of this technology is taught to the students and possible drawbacks are explained to them. This way students would not be deprived of using this new technology. Moreover, parents can indulge in activities which would minimize the negative aspects of social media and reinforce its positive ones in the lives of their children.

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