Mistake Avoid While Preparing For SBI PO

Candidates interested in working for public sector banks will find opportunities in the banking sector. For those who are interested in working in the financial industry, there are numerous opportunities available there. SBI PO is one of the most well-known government exams in the country which is conducted yearly. The SBI PO exam is held by the State Bank of India to select candidates for the position of Probationary Officer. Every year, a large number of candidates apply for the exam via the SBI PO Apply Online link, but only a small percentage of the candidate is chosen for the position. During the exam preparation, any applicant who wishes to take the exam should concentrate on the best techniques and prevent typical blunders. Despite taking care of every important and unimportant detail during the exam preparation, candidates still fail to pass. What is the reason for this? In this post, we’ve compiled a list of frequent mistakes that candidates should avoid during their SBI PO preparation to attain the best outcomes.

  1. Basic concept is unclear:

Candidates should not go right into answering the questions; instead, they should understand the fundamental principle underlying each one to gain a firm grasp of the subject. Candidates will be able to identify the best technique if they answer the questions with conceptual clarity.

  1. Not following own strategy:

Make your strategy by identifying our weak and strong points. The strategy differs from person to person, so don’t blindly follow someone else’s plan. There are many online strategy videos that you can watch to get an idea of how toppers prepare and customize it to your strengths. There’s a saying that goes, “If you don’t plan, you plan to fail. So, make a plan for achieving your goal and stick to it. Visualize how you’d answer questions on the exam and how you’d make the most of your exam time. If you get a difficult question, don’t lose confidence; simply skip it and focus on a question that you can easily answer, which will save you time.

  1. Studying multiple books:

Too many SBI PO Books for concepts would simply lead to unnecessary confusion and time wasted. During the early stages of the preparation, candidates should use one expert-recommended book for one section. To avoid last-minute exam day confusion, they should avoid collecting inappropriate study information from several sources. Following the completion of the syllabus, candidates can attempt various practice sets to remove any remaining doubts or ambiguities.

  1. Thoroughly not practicing Mock test paper:

Candidates who are new to the SBI PO exam or who have already taken the exam are recommended to practice mock examinations daily. They will be able to examine the speed, strong and weak areas, and overall performance as a result of this. Candidates should attempt as many mock exams as possible before the exam to strengthen their skills after completing the course. With the use of mock tests, candidates can get a rough notion of the competition level. They can examine their performance to identify flaws and take the necessary steps to correct them.

  1. Not doing Revision:

It’s just as crucial to revise as it is to finish a subject. You will gradually forget what you have learned, associated formulas, shortcuts, procedures, and themes if you do not revise, and you will have to re-prepare from start, which will take a lot of time. You can cover the syllabus in less time with revision, and formulas will last longer in your memory. Revise the subject after 10 days of completion and at regular intervals. The more modifications you complete, the more confident you will be in the subject. The correct revision will be a deciding factor in your decision.

  1. Not memorizing Formula:

Many questions are formula-based, and you simply need to enter the value to get the answer. These are scoring questions that take less time to complete, but aspirants must memorize the method. If it is not remembered, the student will forfeit a fair opportunity of getting a decent grade. Students should learn general concepts and be able to derive formulas for specific needs. If you want to study all the formulas, there is a long list of them, and you could get confused with such a long list. Make a list of relevant formulae, try to acquire a rough idea of the kind of formulas that will be asked based on last year’s questions, and master them. This will aid in the speedy completion of questions and the attainment of high marks.

  1. Not Reading daily News Paper:

Candidates should make it a daily practice to read newspapers every day. Candidates can strengthen their language and general knowledge abilities to pass the exam by doing so. The portions of the SBI PO exam that score the highest include general awareness and the English language. As a result, applicants should begin reading the newspaper at least 5-6 months before the exam to minimize the stress of having to memorize current events just days before the exam.

  1. Neglecting any section:

Giving less weight to any one area of the exam is one of the most common blunders candidates make. To pass the exam, it is critical to comprehend that each section is critical. As a result, each segment must be given equal weight and time. During the preparation process, candidates must understand the fundamental principles, consult the best resources, and take mock exams for each part. The candidate’s chances of being chosen for the position improve as a result of this.

  1. Not rectifying English:

English is a subject that gets a lot of points. There is no need to write anything down because you can solve it in your head. You should know the laws of grammar and expand your vocabulary by reading newspapers and periodicals and writing down new words you come across in an article.

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