New Born Baby Photography: Tips, Tricks& Ideas

New-born babies have a pureness to them which shows in the way they look. One loves to look at them and photograph them and their angelic features. As new parents,wanting to do the same through a photo-shoot is only natural. These pictures will give you the opportunity to cherish this time alone as well as with them as you see them grow up. However, youmust know certain tips and tricks to ensure that you get the right pictures as photographing new-born babies. It really is quite a tricky endeavour.

Tips and tricks

You can go for posed baby photo-shoot in Mumbai, but make sure that during these posed sessions, afamily member or friend is with you. It is best if your partner comes along. If someone is there to help you, it becomes easier to handle the child. Posed sessions are very tricky; they dependa lot on the baby’s mood.

If you yourself want to photograph your baby, make sure that you followall your baby’s moves very well. Go with the flow and capture every moment as it comes. Take macro shots of yourbaby, as those tend to look very good. Moreover, take these shots when the baby is very still or is sleeping.

If you are the mother, being featured along with your baby in these shots is highly recommended, as babies share the closest bonds with their mothers. After all, your baby did spend 9 months in your womb.

Don’t focustoo much light on your baby and make sure that you keep the light away from theireyes, as babies are quite sensitive and it can be harmful to their eyes. Also, try to use as much natural light as possible. Fixing the same pose of your baby, shoot different photographs from every possible angle. This way you can get many beautiful pictures to choose from.

If you have other children, then involve them as well. This way you can get them to bond with their new born sibling ina unique way, and create some everlasting memories of a precious day. If you are calling professionals who do baby portfolios in Mumbai, then tell them to set the scene outdoors. However, before heading outside with your baby,make sure that the weather will permit the photo-shoot.


Wrap your baby up in asolidcolouredscarf or shawl, this makes your baby standout from his or her background and hence looks very pretty.

If you want more drama, then use a headband for your child.This creates averyuniquelook for a new born. You can also try making your baby wear funny caps or beanies. It brings out the sweetness and innocence in your baby as well as makes for some fun shots.

As mentioned earlier, head to the outdoors for some great frames, butonly if the weather permits.

Take many pictures where the father is present holdingthe baby as well.

Hope these tips make for a memorable photo-shoot with your tiny tot!

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