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You Are Not The Only One Suffering In Long Distance Relationship…….So, Refine Your Relationship?

Long distance relationship is the commonest of all relationships in these days. Hardly people stick to their homeland to continue a career and that results into parting of couples. So many married couples also stay countries apart. In all long distance relationships, there remains a lot to say and also a lot of silence. When you are away from your lover, you dream about the days of togetherness and plan in advance about each and every smallest things to do together in holidays. So, it’s not that bad because your love actually doubles or triples when you meet. In fact couples who manage to meet three to four times a year are the happiest ones in many ways. Because there remains no space for boredom. Still if you are struggling in maintaining this long distance relationship, here are some pieces of genuine advice which you can follow to make your relationship work for both of you.

Surprise Visit: This may sound a bit clichéd but it would work wonder for you. On birthday, anniversary, and Valentine’s Day, a surprise visit would be the best thing that you can get for your lover. Nothing is as exhilarating as his/her presence beside you on a very special day. Don’t be reluctant in showing PDA when your visit is a surprise because these things do count for a happy relationship. So, only flower delivery to USA won’t count, you have to do some more.

Enjoy the independence: You have to enjoy your life because the writer of your life is none other than you. He/she is away to some other land and focusing on his/her career and taking life normally. So, sitting back at home you must explore yourself. If doing any kind of job is not your cup of tea, spend quality time with friends and family because when your lover is back in town you won’t find this free time even for yourself. So, concentrate on harnessing all your skills and be happy for this independence.

Trust your love: If you know that this is the person with whom you are meant to spend your life, trust is the most important chord to be played. Without this trust factor everything will be shattered. Jealousy is also important in showing that you are head over heels for this one person but again doubting should never ever come in between the two of you. If he doesn’t receive your call that doesn’t mean that he is merry-making with someone else. Maybe he fell asleep or not in a perfect mood to talk or just his phone is silent and he is reading a book. Have faith in your lover because if you don’t trust your partner, certainly you don’t trust yourself also.

Use technology well: This one doesn’t need to be told – right? All of you are an expert in communicating through Skype, Facebook, Twitter or any other social media platform. But remember that too much communication also spoils the excitement and fun. You have to us technology to remain close to your lover but set your limit for that. For example, don’t video chat everyday as that would bring monotony.

Love Letters: yes we are surrounded by huge technology everywhere but nothing can take away the fun of reading a hand-written love letter. Suppose you promised but still couldn’t make up a visit for the Valentine’s Day or anniversary, write a letter along with sending flowers online to USA to cheer up your love.

A bit of understanding, a bit of compromise, a bit of you, and a bit of your lover sums up the whole equation of your relationship. Play your part really well to keep the oxygen flow so strong that no distance can make you feel a lack of it.

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