November 18 would be the date of marriage of Bollywood’s ‘Sultan’ Salman Khan

Salman Khan’- this name have been the idol of many youths for the last 25 years. Not only that he is the heart throb of many women, who want to get married with the persons like Salman Khan. That is why, it has been a question for a long time that who is going to be the lucky girl to win the hand of the husband like Salman Khan. The question has been raised more strongly with the each success of his films, which made him the most eligible bachelor of the Bollywood. Salman has involved his name different times with different heroines of Bollywood like Sangeeta Bijlani, Somi Ali, Aishwarya Rai and Katrina Kaif and people expected that the bell of the marriage of Salman would be rung but each time he has disheartened his fans with a sudden break up. The fans are curious to know the superstar’s ‘Woman of Dream’, whom he wants to make sit on the throne of his heart.

This question has once again been raised on the event of launch of Sania Mirza’s autobiography, ‘Ace Against Odds’. Sania asked her SalluBhai “everyone wants to know when you are getting married”. Listening to the question slightly embarrassed Salman answered Sania that the date supposed to be on November 18. As the reason Salman has cited that on that very day his father Salim and mother Salma Khan got married. Apart from that his sister Arpita Khan has also got married on the same date. Therefore, he also wants to get married that special day.

November 18 would be the date of marriage of Bollywood’s ‘Sultan’ Salman Khan

But the matter is, with the confirmation of the date Salman has also said that though the date is confirmed, the year is not confirmed till yet. Whenever he gets married, the date supposed to be November 18 but the year he does not know till yet. On hearing the matter Sania once again said that many women are complaining that he is bachelor for a too long time. Listening to that Salman remarked that he only knows the amount of pressure he has to face from his mother and sisters, who want him to get married soon. The matter of hope is that recently Salman is dating the Romanian beauty Luliavantur. The trustworthy source has also ensured that Lulia already has made a friendly relationship with the family of Salman, especially with his mother Salma Khan. Lulia is seen to take care of Salman’s mother in Mumbai airport. This has strengthened the rumour of the possibility of Lulia to be a welcomed member of Khan family very soon.

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