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Top 4 Amazing things to do in the city of Ahmedabad

If you are looking for a nice decent holiday destination, not too quiet and boring, and not too loud and over the top, Ahmedabad is the perfect choice for you. The city has a little bit of everything and makes for a great visit. This article talks about the amazing things you can do in the city.

The most renowned city of Gujarat, the great city of Ahmedabad is often confused to be the capital of Gujarat owing to its popularity despite Gandhinagar being the actual capital. It is one of the fastest growing cities in the country and makes for a great holiday destination for anyone looking to have a good time. It is easily approachable from various parts of the country and also allows people to conveniently head out to their respective hometowns. Ahmedabad to Chennai flights is one of the most common flights towards the southern region of India while Ahmedabad to Delhi flights the most common towards the North. There a host of fun and amazing things you can do in the city, some of which are mentioned below.

Visit the Gandhi Ashram

This is the first place you should head to regardless of being an Indian or not. Mahatma Gandhi, the father of the nation and one of the most respected world leaders to this day spent a good portion of his life living in this house. This is one of the main centers of India’s movement for freedom as he would gather crowds and talk to them here. This Ashram preserves most of Gandhiji’s personal items like his clothing, spectacles, and some manuscripts.

Visit the science city

With the hope of providing the people with a good deal of knowledge into science and technology at the same time providing entertainment so learning becomes fun, this is a project undertaken by the Gujarat Government. You will come across various live demonstrations and virtual activities in this science city which is slowly becoming one of the top sites to visit in the city.

Visit the Shanku’s Water Park

For something more upbeat and fun, head on over to the Shanku’s Water Park. The layout of the waterpark may not be anything close to impressive compared to numerous other water parks in the country, however, if you understand that this is the oldest one that ever existed in the country, you shouldn’t be worried about the look of the water park. It is also one of the largest waterparks in the country, much bigger to the huge newer water parks that have been coming up in the other Indian cities.

Visit the car Museum

If you are a motorsport or simply a car enthusiast, you should definitely not miss a visit to this beautiful museum. This museum has the largest collection of cars in the world, both Vintage and contemporary. Some cars present here are some of the best in the world. With a collection of more than a hundred cars behind its doors, this museum plays hosts to cars like Rolls-Royce, Bentleys, Mercedes, Ford (vintage), Daimler and much more. There are souvenir shops in the museum and you should not miss a visit to this place should you visit Ahmedabad! For more information about 15 World’s Most Extreme Travel Adventures.

So, don’t second guess and book your ticket to the city soon! It has so much unique experiences to offer to any visitors who come here looking to have a great time!

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