Post back URL explained: How does it work in affiliate advertising?

Affiliate marketing is a great option whether you are using it as a blogging technique to earn money or just the affiliate. A playback URL is a URL that is generated or made whenever any conversion takes place. It consists of various I’d parameters that help the company or the organization to create a proper database.

Though, being an affiliate marketer it is difficult to exactly understand what is a post back URL and how it helps with affiliate marketing. In this post, we will provide you with all the brief info regarding the working and the usage. As an affiliate marketer, you will love the diverse benefits.

Anatomy of the post back URL

First things first. It is very important to understand the structure of the URL before we get into the other topics.

There are 2 channels involved. First the marketer and second the affiliate network. Now, if any person or source uses its source to send traffic should be aware of the conversion. Hence, he provides the affiliate network too.

The second channel records the post back URL and contacts the source, if any conversion takes place from that URL.

Working on the post back URL

  • Any user sees an ad and clicks on it
  • The user now faces several redirects. And during this process, all the user’s information is sent to an ad tracker, affiliate marketer, advertiser, and a landing page.
  • Now, the click is recorded and given a special Id for the session. This unique id is available in the landing page URL.
  • If the user buys the product the conversion is recorded under the name of that particular affiliate network with the initial user id. After this, the affiliate network fires a post back while the ad tracker verifies the signal and records the change. Also, the remedy they have already recorded the user’s information after the first click.

How does it serve to know that this conversion belongs to you?

So when the affiliate marketer sends the traffic to the advertising network some unique and special parameters are entitled to the URL like affiliate Id, which helps the backend servers to record the conversion to that affiliate partner. This way the server maintains all the records of your conversions.


So the tracking process used by the post back URL is very simple and starts with one click. The click id is automatically placed on the tracking link and the key is called “stupid”. But you need to be aware that all the affiliate networks have their parameters that they like to show with a different format. Hence, the servers at the backend record the information that way. These days all affiliate marketers tend to use these URL tracking methods as it provides them with maximum user information, which makes it easier for them to track the conversion.


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