Top 10 Fashion Costume Jewelry Trends For Women 2020

Every year brings us some new fashion and costume goals. The same goes for jewelry. Fashion designers and stylists keep on experimenting with various jewelry items to provide the best products possible. 2020 is all about going for unique, bold, bright, and extravagant jewelry pieces. Costume jewelry is an absolute necessity of today whether you want to go to some lavish and formal occasions or some casual gatherings.

The following are some high fashion jewelry wholesale trends that you will be witnessing everywhere throughout the whole of 2020.

  1. Oversized hoop earrings:

If hoops are your favorite jewel wear, do not bother about quitting them. They are back to debunk once again that classics never go out of trend. The only addition they are coming with is that the pair is now bolder and bigger.

They are not trending for the first time. This evergreen ethnic symbol used to be a prominent part of the black culture and was put on by royalties and powerful ladies. Ladies continue to believe that hoop earrings are a spectacular ornament to enhance one’s appeal and beauty.

The fashion industry is deeply influenced by the black style, and hoops are one such example. Hoops never went away; they have always tucked away and stayed in the jewelry boxes, for being rediscovered.

  1. Colourful pieces:

This age of fashion is all about going with bold and prominent jewelry pieces. In 2020, choose ornaments that are bright, beautiful, and big.

Colors in your jewelry can ameliorate the grace and charm of not only your outfit but your personality as a whole. You can achieve colors by mixing different colored beads or gems. A jewelry set containing multiple shades and colors is such a treat to the eyes.

You can go for monochromatic schemes, coordinating shades, and contrasting colors because of the current jewelry trends.

  1. Mixed metals:

Like any other design, jewelry also goes with the principle of “contrast enhances visual interest.” Mixed metals have also been used in the past, and they equally remain relevant today. Costume jewelry is all about discovering and inventing. So, combining different types of metal to get a stunning jewelry set is also a new trend.

The main thing is the contrast. You can multiply the grace of your costume jewelry by choosing the jewelry with mixed metals.

  1. Chain-link necklace:

The necklace is the most prominent item of the jewel wear. You can go for layered and thin or singular one but make sure that it is bold, chunky, and big. You can wear it with open silhouettes on front or crew necks- whatever you go for, always try to make a statement.

A unique and elegant necklace can make you the most noticed person at a gathering or party. Necklace choices are now bolder and more extravagant than ever.

Chain-link necklaces used to be a hot trend in the 80s, and now they are back again with the same rather enhanced elegance. Chain-link necklace is an amazing addition to jewel wear, and the chances of it going out of trend are equal to none.

  1. Pearls:

Reinvented pearls seem to be occupying fashion runways again in 2020. Pearls hold their uniqueness for being considered the world’s oldest known gems. Pearls were discovered from the remains of some ancient Persian civilizations. So, for ages, pearls hold their significance and stature in fashion jewelry.

In current trends, pearls are worn and styled in various and fresh ways. Pearls also make their room in eye-catching headpieces, knotted, thick necklaces, belts, and other items. Pearls have retained their grace and value over the centuries, and they are still gracing the beauty and style of many fashion divas.

  1. Brooches:

Modern eyes might see spectacle brooches as some outdated piece of jewel wear, but they never ran out of the race. 2020 is all about going with bold choices.

Various celebrities and fashion divas have graced the fashion runways and red carpets with beautiful brooches. Royalties and big political figureheads are also found to be very influential on fashion trends. As Queen Elizabeth and various other political personalities beautify themselves with candid brooches, these pieces of ornament always remain trendy. Brooches can be used on bags, hung on pendants, pinned on hats and scarves, or beaded in hairstyles.

  1. Mismatched earrings:

Mismatched earrings are a hot trend of fall 2020. Current jewelry trends are witnessing an increment in non-traditional trends of fashion. Gone are the days when such crazy experiments were considered weird and even odd. 2020 is all about going for a bold and unique style.

You can either go for the mismatched size of the earrings or the color. Mismatched earrings, when chosen wisely at local wholesale earrings boutiques, do wonders to the beauty and alluring.

  1. Chunky chokers:

Chunky chokers are trending in 2020 more than ever before. Hot chokers for the winters are particularly the best for wearing in the evening. They are now designed with expensive-looking and shiny metal and highly intended to enhance the evening wear’s sophistication and drama.

Chokers have been a prominent existence of fashion trends of many centuries, and they continue to be considered one of the mesmerizing jewelry items even in 2020.

  1. Cuffs:

There is no better item to complement a choker than a sophisticated cuff bracelet. You can choose from the matching cuffs and choker jewel sets and the particular choices available in the market, depending upon your convenience and choice.

To produce magical jewel wear, cuff bracelets are shaped to look like a bulky shackle.  The jewelry trends now are all about wearing statement pieces. So, wisely chosen cuffs can make you look bolder and confident in terms of fashion choices.

  1. Chandelier earrings:

The sophistication and elegance of the chandelier earrings can never be overstated. This style of earrings conveys a high amount of self-assuredness and gall.

Sophisticated chandelier earrings having abstract designing are also in trend.  Chandeliers are one of the finest adaptations of costume jewelry, and 2020 is the right time to go for these amazing jewelry adaptation.

The perfect the jewelry choice, the perfect you look. Wisely selected jewelry is all you need to grace your beauty and fashion sense. Jewelry can enhance the charisma and elegance of your outfit up to many folds. So, you need to go with your ornamental choices wisely!


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