Pregnancy Myths

Pregnancy Myths Which You Should Guard Against

The moment you become pregnant advice might pour in from all quarters. Someone might walk up to you and even give you baby growth week by week during pregnancy books as well.  The worst part is that each and every statement will have a tagline to it “I am speaking from personal experience” The onus would be on you to believe them or not. You can pep up yourself a considerable bit with the video of developing baby as well.

Most of the myths have gone on to fade with the passage of time, but there are some, that still exist for a considerable period of time. You are forced to accept them in spite of the compelling truth behind them as well. So how do you distinguish the true myths from the false ones? Let us get to the details as follows

With the belly position you can find the gender of the baby

If any well-wisher of yours predicts the gender of the baby by the bulging stomach you can say that they are 50 %lucky. Just think in a logical way as there is no degree of truth behind this. An individual carries a baby in a different manner and it would be all about hip measurements. Here the gender of the baby does not have any relation to it.

There are certain type of foods which has a definite say in the complexion of your baby

It does not hold any truth. A lot of older women may ask you to drink coconut juice in the believe that you are going to have a fair baby.  There is going to be another thought that you stay away from iron supplements as it will make the baby dark. Just be aware that food does not have any relation with your complexion. At the same time if you stay away from iron supplements it does go on to pose dangerous consequences for both the mother as well as the baby. For this reason you would need to disregard this myth completely

There is no need to eat for a couple of people

Whatever people have to say there is not need to eat for a couple  of people. With pregnancy your calorie intake is on the higher side, limit it to 300 calories. Just go with the flow and be your normal self in terms of food.

If there is no heart burn no way it would mean that there is going to be more hair on the baby’s body

The amount of hair on the body of the baby is dependant on genetic factors. It has got no relation to the degree of heart burn that a mother had to face during the time of pregnancy.

S*x should be restricted during the time of pregnancy

A lot of doctors might advice you to stay away from s*x during the first 3 months of pregnancy. Most of them suggest that it could be safe during the second and third trimester of pregnancy.

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