Does the term solid perfume confuse you? Well, it is simply a perfume or scent with a balm-like consistency instead of a liquid, similar to a lip balm. They can be carried in lip-balm style tubes or other small containers. They are known to last much longer than the usual perfume and are also very convenient to carry around. A lot of liquid perfumes contain alcohol to help them evaporate when sprayed. A solid perfume doesn’t need any help drying so generally won’t contain any alcohol or other irritants; so no reservations whatsoever! If you’re travelling with perfume in your cosmetic bag or just have it stashed in your dresser or cupboard at home, a solid perfume is not going to leak and cause a mess!

You will be glad to know that handmade solid perfumes are also available easily. If you hate big brands which ultimately fails to bring any uniqueness in their products, handmade is the saviour of individuality. No two perfumes will be the same; each fragrance will be one of a kind. In a world where uniqueness is shunned and big brands try hard for generating aspiration; going back to the world of handmade is a refreshing concept. Fragrance preferences are very personal; the smell of a rose invokes different feeling to different people. SO why wear perfumes which everyone else is wearing! Handmade is back!

We are all extremely sensitive to smell. We all have our favourites and it is a well-known fact that fragrances can evoke a plethora of emotions. There a smells that make us nostalgic, some reminds us of a loved one, some also make us anxious. Even seasons have smells associated with them. Everything we smell directly impacts on our mood. There are happy smells, passion invoking smells and even masculine smells. The fragrance industry thrives on this powerful impact of fragrance. The idea behind adding specific fragrances is to stir and enhance specific moods.

When fragrances are so significant in our lives, one certainly deserves the best smelling handmade solid perfume, and thankfully, there are quite a few to choose from. Pick between floral and fruity, or earthy or fresh, calming or energising; the list is endless. One may prefer fragrances according to their favourite time of the year or seasons. You can choose a perfume and wear it to enhance your mood, often a bad day can be turned around by wearing a fragrance which reminds you of your favourite times or person.

Switching to solid perfumes has several advantages – they are extremely handy; carry them around as you carry a lip balm. Pick organic solid perfumes as the fragrance stays fresh for long hours because they do not contain chemicals. We may not be able to eradicate all the ill-effects of artificial and harsh chemical products, but even little steps help in the long run. Choosing to go organic against chemicals, opting for handmade and bespoke instead of generic machine made products, are baby steps towards a safer and healthier environment.

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