Radha Krishna Paintings: Incorporate the True Serenity to your Place

Radha Krishna paintings are the symbol of divine love and fondness, surpassing the limits of the materialistic reality. Whether you are a religious person or not, these artworks have the ability to bring the same bond between you and your better half. It can also be a great option for gifting on various occasions like housewarming ceremony or to newly married couples. 

Why people consider Radha Krishna painting auspicious

According to Hindu mythology, Lord Vishnu incarnated as Lord Krishna and Goddess Lakshmi incarnated as Radha. The love story of Radha and Krishna is considered to be the symbol of togetherness and eternal love. Thus, Radha Krishna paintings are believed to be the source for igniting love and feeling between couples. 

As per the mythology, Radha and Krishna also had a stage of separation. Relationships should be transparent, as it witnesses different moments like love, happiness as well as tension. You need to handle each occasion compassionately and maturely. If you are facing moments of tension with your loved one, you can consider having a Radha Krishna painting which helps you to ease the pressure and make your mind calm and steady.

For the Vastu

When someone plans to purchase a house, they take various factors such as locality, amenities, ventilation and so on into their consideration. Some owners may have faith in Vastu Shastra, placing items in particular directions because they are linked to ‘eternal energy’, bringing peace as well as enrichment in life. Radha Krishna paintings can play a very important role in this context.

As per the Vastu Shastra, besides your bedroom you can also consider decorating the opposite wall to your main entrance that can be effective for keeping away all the tensions, preventing any problems which might befall in your married life.   

Important factors to consider

We all need a partner in order to accomplish the journey of our life and it is believed that if you have Radha Krishna paintings in your bedroom, it will help you get a loving and caring life partner. But, before choosing the painting, you need to consider about the size as well as the component used in order to construct the painting and the surface on which it is painted. 

You may find various options such as canvas, thick paper, rice paper, handmade paper, silk and so on. Your bedroom’s lighting is also an important factor here, depending on that you have to opt for the painting made by mixed colour, pastel colour, oil etc. it is essential to select the right painting, so you can get relief by looking at it whenever you go through tensions.     


A relationship can bring a sense of completeness in your life and you will be intending that the relationship continues to blossom. There are various kinds of idols and paintings associated with bringing positive energy or vibrations and many couples choose to ordain their bedroom walls with Radha Krishna paintings, creating an atmosphere of unselfish love.

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