Salman Khan Denies To Ask Apology For The Rape Victim Comment


Though Salman Khan is the organizer of the garment brand “Being Human”, he denies showing “humanity” for his rape comment. The predicament continues to follow him while he got a call from the National Commission for Women (NCW) on 7th July. The controversy started when he said he felt exhausted like a “raped woman” in an interview. It is still now continues because the women commission’s report says that Salman’s declaration does not contain any sort of apology regarding comparing his toil as the exhaustion of a “raped woman”.

The Incident:

After completion of the shooting of Sultan a reporter asked to share his experience about shooting of Sultan which is mainly based on boxing. Salman Khan replied lightly that after the shooting he used to feel exhausted like “raped woman” after coming down from the boxing ring. It seems actually he mocked the exhaustion of a raped woman, who has to undergo a mental disaster with the physical exhaustion. In reaction a rape victim has made her declaration that common people cannot even imagine the mental & physical agony of a raped woman.

The Reaction:

This comment has created a huge controversy in the whole country. It has been considered as the insult to the entire Indian woman community. Till the 2nd week of the comment Salman has not made any statement asking apology. Though the father has made an apology statement on this whole matter. Actually the whole incident is affecting the image of this “Superstar” of Bollywood. The entire nation is really shocked to hear such comment from their role model. As a role model & superstar he is expected to show some respect for women. The controversy says if the role model of the nation, like him makes comment like that what about the common people who don’t mind to show disrespect for the women.

The Supposed Reason Behind Not Asking For The Apology:

According to the critics the reason behind Sallu Bhai’s non-apologies attitude is his “Bad Boy” & “Bhai” image. He wants to prove himself a very powerful figure in the Bollywood & his power is his huge fan following not only in the country but also outside of the country. He dis not show any regret or apology because he wanted to lighten the matter by showing ignorance.

The Present Situation:

This stubborn attitude of not showing any regret or apology for such comment is disheartening his huge fan following, which ask for a positive inspiration from their role models. The critics are also astonished with the stubborn attitude of Salman standing on the verge of release of his upcoming film “Sultan.

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