Stencil Painting: A Unique Way of Decorating Your Walls

Painting your walls is a fairly difficult job. No matter how easy it looks from afar once you get to do it, it is indeed a very hard job. Every profession requires its own experience and expertise in the job. However, there is one pretty easy way to give your walls a makeover by yourself. If you are a DIY enthusiast, then This could be just the option for you.

We are talking about stencils. They are fairly easy to handle and yet give a very dynamic look to your walls. Apart from the fact that they are easy to work with they also have the added advantage of easy access. Unlike many other kinds of wall paint, They can be easily found and mostly any more price range as well. But how do you make it work? It is only obvious that the novice would not know her way through the painting procedure. Surely, painting stencils over the wall are easier than any other method available. Nonetheless, you must know the tools and the kinds of colours and the step by step procedure that you need to follow. We have brought you just the guide for it.

  • The first step is to order a stencil. You can order one online. They have a fairly good collection of stencils available there. You can do your research and buy one of your choices.
  • After the stencil arrives before putting it up on the wall that you intend to paint it on Make sure that the wall does not contain any stains or patches from the earlier paint that was on it. It is preferable to do a whitewash on the wall.
  • Clean the room adequately and accordingly before you start to paint the wall. Make sure that there are no valuable items that may get paint on them.
  • Put up the stencils on the wall. Make sure that you have put it up properly. If the stencils are not put up on the wall properly, then The designs of the stencils will get affected horribly.
  • Then comes the main part of the process. painting over the stencils. Acrylic paint or latex paints can be used as the medium. This helps you achieve the perfect wall texture. Make sure that you do not have too much paint on your brush. You need just a little amount of paint every time you start to paint on the stencil.
  • Take care that you are using the proper tools that are mentioned. Do not start on this job if you have some urgent issues to attend to later. This is not a job that you could do in a hurry. You need to have the time and patience that it asks for. This is one of the places that more does not guarantee better work.

Stencils are indeed a great way to jinx it up. You can use it for your kitchen, bedroom, drawing room, laundry room, or whichever other room you want to use it for. All that you will require is a proper stencil that goes with the vibe of the room perfectly. Asian paint stencils are a great option that you could go for in this context.


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