Sultan Star Salman Khan on a Rally to Launch Sania Mirza’s Autobiography

One of the country’s well-known fact that Sania Mirza, One of the greatest Indian tennis star and the most recognized undeniable role models for country’s young generation specially for women promote and launched her own autobiography “Ace against Odds” with the biggest Bollywood heart throbbing superstar Salman Khan on Sunday, July 17, in a city event in Mumbai. According to news source, three days before Salman Khan has honored to launch the autobiography in Mumbai, the promotion and cutting the ropes for Sania Mirza’s autobiography was done by another superstar of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan in a book launching function in Hyderabad.

The autobiography book of @MirzaSania is a short collection of her life’s journey from a simple Hyderabadi girl to one of the World’s No. 1 sportsperson in women’s double grading.  The book also deals with small victories of her life against all odds along with some best moments related to her personal life history and some essential phrases of her sporting career. This autobiographical book was completely penned by her along with her father Imran Mirza and journalist Shivani Gupta as co-authors.

The 29-year old tennis ace has a number of friends among Bollywood stars but among them she chose three great actors to promote and launch her autobiography in three main cities of the country. Shah Rukh Khan unrevealed the autobiography in Hyderabad on July 13. Two days after Sania’s closest and dearest friend from Hindi Film Industry, Parineeti Chopra appeared as a special guest in the book launching function in the capital city New Delhi on July 15. Finally Sultan star @BeingSalmanKhan launched her autobiography in a massive occasion in Mumbai on July 17.

As per report, on behalf of Bollywood buddies, Salman Khan has appreciated a lot about Sania Mirza and her struggle in life to achieve great success in sports. Speaking for autobiography, Salman Khan said that the Hyderabadi tennis star is too young to write an autobiography. After his physically passionate role and effort able shooting as a wrestler, Salman Khan is not famous as gender-sensitive persona. But just for friendship he was there to launch Sania Mirza’s autobiography.

Sultan Star Salman Khan on a Rally to Launch Sania Mirza’s Autobiography

The autobiographical book is already in the market. Just after her grand coming back between the period August of 2015 and March of 2016, published her autobiography along with proudly declared her retirement from women’s singles. She has a record of 41 wins one after another in women’s doubles in partnership with Swiss tennis player Martina Hinges. Over the years as tennis star she got 6 Grand Slams titles and 14 medals for the country. The respect and pride for her keeps on growing among the Indian citizen seeing her performance in women’s doubles circuit.

As a feminism icon of India, Sania Mirza’s work and achievement always speak for her and also open up her kind and intellectual character and as Indian she made 3 million people proud of her. But it is now all our hope and prayers to god that similarly to her autobiographical collection she also conquers over all odds and return with gold medal for India in Olympic.

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