The Tips to Find the Right Wedding Decorator

The traditional Indian weddings are full of flowers and decorations. In fact, it is the decoration in a wedding which makes the ambience either a success or a flop. If the decoration goes well, the guests want to stay at the venue for a longer time. When hiring a wedding decorator, do keep the following in mind.

  1. Research – This is the first step to finding the best wedding decorator in Delhi NCR. Your family and friends can recommend you a few, or even best, find out through the medium of Facebook. Post your query there and lots of people will pour in their respective recommendations.
  2. Know what you want – It is your wedding and you must be having something specific in mind regarding the decoration, unless you completely want to leave it on the decorator. Some people live to have all their functions in a specific theme and accordingly even ask their guests to dress up in correspondence with the theme. So if you have any such pre-decided theme, let the decorator know. Show him pictures of it from the internet. Explain to him through drawings, or videos, or whatever possible but make sure he understands what exactly you want.
  3. Ask for his portfolio – Wedding decorators usually have a portfolio. This includes the decorations he has done at previous weddings. He will show you an entire album of his portfolio through which you can determine if you really think he can do your work or not.
  4. Talk out the flowers – a wedding decorator makes use of the flowers as one of the tools for decoration. Not only do the flowers look appealing but also provide good fragrance. You need to decide the flowers he will be using for the wedding. Sometimes, in order to make money, they might bring flowers from a not so reputed store. Although a professional decorator would not do something like this, it is better to be safe than sorry. So discuss the flowers and the store from which he will buy them.
  5. See that he is patient – decoration is one such thing that requires constant changes. Something, after its done, may not look very appealing and you may want to get it re-done in a different way. The decorator should be patient enough to do it as per you have asked.
  6. Determine your budget – the more you are willing to spend, the better will the decoration and the decorator’s service will be. Also, a determined budget will accordingly help you choose the right wedding decorator for your function.
  7. Ask him if he can plan the entire wedding – some decorators also are wedding planners who plan every little thing. They even provide with wedding tent house in Delhi where the guests can put up. Find out everything in detail.

With these simple tips in mind, you are likely to find the right decorator for your grand event, and the guests hopefully will enjoy the ambience of the wedding. Keep your options open and do the research well.

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