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This Is How You Can Reduce The Cost Of Your App Development

Is the high cost of mobile app development giving you stress? Does the mobile app development company you want to hire is charging more than your budget and, you have no choice but to go with it. If it’s the case, this post is just for our.

First and foremost – there are a lot of hidden fees and unnecessary designs involved with a mobile app development and, they can be cut off if your focus more on user experience and cross platform mobile app development technologies. No doubt, mobile app development is a pricey undertaking. Many small-medium companies are seen to not capable of affording the cost of mobile app development and, thus they do not even think of it.

But, the cost of development can be minimized. Begin it with considering the multiple platforms and device types your app will run in. Yes, devices have diverse screens, resolutions, storages, hardware configurations, performances, security and various others things.

These all factors unsurprisingly keep adding more cost to an app development project. But you can reduce the overall cost once you consider the blow given four tips.

Design before build

In most cases, businesses directly rush to a development company and tell them their idea. The development company then starts creating designs. They create sketches for the interfaces and workflows. They are early processes, but they come with a cost. App developers will charge for every single line they draw in your sketch, and they will keep charging until you do not pass the design.

Because it’s your app, its design should be in your mind. Why don’t you yourself create some rough sketches and keep creating them until they do not satisfy you? This will cost you nothing more than your time, but once you have done it, you will save significant cost that you will pay to developers.

There are even several free UI sketch tools available online that you can employ to create initial designs of your app.

When you will show your sketch to the development company, it will not argue you to create its own designs and at the end of the day, you will be able to save some cost.

Focus on what’s important

The businesses, entering mobility for the first time, try to mimic the PC software in their app designs or fill their apps with features that appear to be flashy but have little or no relevance with the core product.

This must be avoided because when you go mobile for the first time, do not launch the app with every feature and functionality in your mind. Limit the app to those features and functions only that accomplish the key goals of your app.

This will keep the app development less complicated and require less investment of the overall cost.

You can also apply the minimum viable product (MVP) development approach which will help you limit the features and functions to the key ones. The features and functions that do not directly contribute to the key operation of the app can be added in subsequent releases. It will help you get your app developed quickly with keeping the investment as low as possible.

Go by cross-platform app development approaches

On the one hand, an app should support multiple devices to be reached by the maximum number of users and on the other hand, businesses will need to invest more than enough fund to get the multiple-OS versions of a single app; particularly if the app is made via the native app development approach.

But you can reduce cost at this level too. First of all, figure out what devices you want to target. Most businesses keep their app-portfolio limited to two popular platforms – iOS and Android.  Some of them then expand it to Windows Phone. Now if your app can be developed through the cross platform approach, ask developers to adopt it.

Apps via the cross platform approach are created using web technologies like HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. When apps are created with the cross platform method, developers are required to create only a single code base. This code base can then be used to create apps for different operating systems.

Don’t reinvent something which is already available


Mobile app development technologies have reached a level where a lot of features and functions have already been developed and are even available for free. There are prebuilt templates, third-party plug-ins, and also, third-party adapters for back-end systems. With these technologies and stuff available online – either for free or for an insignificant price, the total cost of owning an app can easily be minimized.

When asking developers to leverage existing technology, it does not only reduce the cost, but you also receive a better product because existing technologies have already been tested to perform productively.

Go for check but don’t let it be cheap

When you have to develop an app in minimum budge possible, there are many cheap components available online that will let do that but be aware of any of such cheap components which associates hidden cost with it and then it stops functioning once the subscription is ended.

Go by these tips while getting your app developed from your in-house team or hiring a third party mobile app development company and, you will notice that you succeed to reduce the overall cost of your app.

Sofia Coppol is a digital marketing expert in Rapidsoft Technologies, a prominent software product development company offering magento development company, mobile app development and product development services across the global. She loves to write on latest web and mobile technology trends, startups and enterprises.

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