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Why is Oracle so special?

Oracle is the essential part of any organisation especially the one who is managing the large company with thousands of employee. Oracle is the world’s biggest company since it has many unique features for the well being of the customers. Oracle always introduces new features, and at the same time it will update the previous version thus it is stand out from others. The best part of the Oracle database is that it is backward compatible.

The features offered by the Oracle Company are fantastic and engaging. Oracle is mainly used for the storage purpose of the large applications such as baking. In fact, many top banks are using the Oracle as their database. As Oracle offers the robust set of features and a right combination of technology, maintenance of this software is easy and straightforward. It can be used anywhere from business applications to a large organisation to small scale company. Some database like Sybase and SQL server can have multiple facilities for using arrays, loops and condition.

Oracle is a just a more way to using the coding part. Hence, coding of Oracle database is very easy for the developers. While using Sybase and SQL, the server requires a large space since it has cursor and temp tables feature, but Oracle is an ideal for the company which has enough room for storing the data, and that’s why it is popular and widely used by the major small scale and startup companies.

Different versions of Oracle

With the introduction of new features, Oracle keeps upgrading a lot of new product in the enterprise.  To give you some perspective, Oracle 8i version offers many benefits for the user, and it allows them to run java coding in the Oracle database. Surprisingly, the next version of Oracle is Oracle 9i, which has lot more facilities compared to the previous one. It allows the user to configure the database as well. Surprisingly, Oracle passed the ACID test, which is essential in integrating the data. Data integration is a prominent part of any organisation since data is the soul of the system. If you want to use the new version, simply connect to Oracle consulting service. It also allows the user to partition the large database to support the small storage.

When it comes to security and reliability, nothing can beat Oracle database. Similarly, Oracle database is ideal for protection, security, reliability, maintenance and all the operations of data in the system. As Oracle keeps on adding advanced features, everyone would love to use the Oracle system. The Oracle 10g is the recent version, which introduces the recycle bin as its new feature. It is much like the recycle bin that you use in windows, but it is new and innovative. Once you start using the Oracle, you will never regret the benefits of it. If you want to migrate another dataset to Oracle database, then you can make it easy by using the advanced migration tools. If you have any queries, then you can contact Oracle consulting support.

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