Best Female Bloggers to Follow in 2020

Blogging is the new trend in the Internet World. With the help of blogging, a newbie can painlessly earn 300-400$ per day. Blogging is a continuous process where bloggers get to learn about new topics.

Bloggers become successful when they get an appropriate amount of traffic in each article. One should always remember that our main motive of blooming is to educate, aspire, and motivate the readers. If you c. Side the above three factors generously then success is not at all far away

Your experiences make your blog touchable and appealing. There are many bloggers who have restructured the shape of blogging worldwide. Their experiences and success motivate us to achieve milestones.. Let us get into the details of those renowned bloggers:-


Famous Female Bloggers to follow:-

  1. Jane Sheeba

Jane SheebaJane is one of the finest female bloggers in India. She started her career as a blogger in the year 2007 since then she has achieved several milestones. Before stepping into the industry of blogging, she did analytical research on blogging. Through her blogs, she explained how productive the 2-year analysis was.


  1. Helena Singh

Helena Singh writes blogs on niches like health, fitness, and relationships. She is one of the highest, followed bloggers in India. Helena is the owner of the blog Aha Now. Through her relationship blogs, she speaks about the openness we must have for healthier relationships. She is a true mentor and a complete blend of motivation. Her dedication and compassion have initiated her to become one of the finest bloggers of India.


  1. Sana Elise

She is a travel freak and this is exactly the reason why she writes beautiful contents that are famous worldwide. Apart from being a full-time blogger and wanderer, she is also a yogi. In her blogs, she clearly said that being a yogi helps her to excel in this career. Elise is one of the most followed Instagram bloggers.


  1. Angelica Blick

Blink’s unique style of writing is par excellence and amazing.  Through her blogs, she entertains all the fashion as well as travel bloggers. One cannot lose the opportunity to follow her write – up.


  1. Shraddha Sharma

Shraddha Sharma is one of the finest and most professional female bloggers in India. According to Alexa, her blog ranks about the 3500s in the entire world. Shraddha was a winning blogger at

She is the chief editor of a very renowned website for young entrepreneurs. She has worked with many famous newspapers like The Times Of India, CNBC, and so on.


  1. Ana Hoffman

Ana HoffmanShe is one of the most popular bloggers across continents. She is the founder of Traffic Generation Cafe. In her Traffic Generation Cafe, she talks about monetization strategies, sales strategies, and so on. She makes money online by promoting and selling products in her blogs. However, Hoffman promotes unique and interesting products. Anna earns around $6000 from her blogging sites.


  1. Amy Porterfield

Amy PorterfieldAlong with being a famous blogger, she is also a social media strategist and blogging consultant. Through her marketing blogs, she discloses unique and amazing strategies for growing our business online. She also talks about the tips and hacks of how to effectively promote your business on social media channels.



  1. Mari Smith

Mari SmithMari’s books have helped her to grow her blogs. She has written best booksellers namely Facebook Marketing, Marketing with Social Media, and so on. Through her blogs, she explains the detailed concepts behind the online promotion of business through social media handles. After going through her blogs, you can painlessly grow your blog with the help of your social media accounts. However, the content must be good enough to drive an appropriate audience.


  1. Lisa Arby

She is one of the renowned pro-bloggers.She started her career in the 1995’s and since then she has never stopped. With the help of the blogs, she periodically shares her motivational journey. Apart from being a blogger, she is also an affiliate marketer.


  1. Marie Forleo

Marie ForleoThe blogs written by Forleo are beautifully written. After reading the few lines of her blog, you will surely get delighted and interested to read the whole blog. She is the owner of the very famous Marie Forleo International. Apart from being an entrepreneur and blogger, she is also a philanthropist, author, motivational speaker, and whatnot. She is a blend of all talents. Her courses regarding marketing strategies are beyond expected demand.



You must follow the above-stated bloggers so as to sharpen and improve your blogging skills.


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