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US-India New Defense Treaty: Chine And Pakistan is Following Eagerly

As US was planning for a crucial partnership with India for a long time, thus this is the right time to boost the alliance between US and India. But this has been threatened by the China’s emerging military possession. As there was no treaty tied between US and India before, so Mark Warner, Senator of Democratic Virginia, and John Cornyn, Majority Whip of Republican Senate, have announced in front of the Senators on Tuesday about the legislation to authorize the surveillance tie-up between India and US. This legislation of India-US Defense Technique and Act of Partnership, brought into light by the Senate co-chairs has gone to the Senate Foreign Relation Committee for confirmation.

This legislation is almost equal with the USA’s ties in the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation and will position India in the same places as shared by other major alliance such as Australia, Japan, Israel and New Zealand and definitely with the same aim of arms-supply declaration.

The US-India defense treaty will cause a diverse change in today’s politics. As the Modi Government knows that after Vajpayee Government’s nuclear test in 1998, India is still not ready to access the US weaponry and thus he has to start this impact in Defense Ministry of New Delhi. Hence somewhat in June, during his visit to Washington, Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India will response about this bilateral treaty in front of US Congress joint sessions.

Ashton Carter, US Defense Secretory, was tremendously pushing Indian Government for this defense ties for the last 8 years and his idea got accepted in 2012. Since then USA is keeping an eye over India towards military modernization and last year India proved to be second foreign buyer after China by purchasing Russian surface to air ballistic S-400 missile defense system. Hence in order to boost strategic partnership between New Delhi and Washington, US Government wants a demonstration of selling or manufacturing missile system to protect Indian military from nuclear threat.

As per report of the defense analyst US is willing to sell their most advanced PAC (Patriot Advanced Capability)-3 missile technology but on the other hand India has decided to build its own system than buying anything from US. In this context it has been seen that both Pakistan and China are thoroughly following US-India antimissile alliance as this a huge indication of shared surveillance strategy as well as signifying that India has started setting up its own Ballistic Missile Defense (BMD) structure since 1995 to oppose the attack from Chinese and Pakistani missiles.

Mukesh Aghi, USIBC President reported that defense trade between two countries will be around 300 million-1.4 billion for last 10 years and are expected to increase more. Indian military and Air force also decided to purchase fighter jets and weapons from American companies very soon.

Finally Mr Modi has confirmed three vital defense agreements such as the LEMA; the CISMOA; and the BECA. He has also requested the US Government for some modification in these agreements so that India’s sovereignty and security are not harmed. Moreover he also said that this logistics will help both the countries to access and coordinate military actions.

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