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Recently Mid-Range Phones Of Indian Brands Are Hit In The Gadget Market

According to the data of Cyber Media Research (CMR), mid-range category (Rs 10,000-Rs 15,000) of smartphones subscribed 22% to the smartphone shipment thereby exceeding the budget category mobile phones for the first time in the smart phones industry. The budget category (Rs 6,000-Rs 8,000) smartphones is specifically the topmost contributor to the total sales in the overall smartphone markets throughout India. It has been seen that the average retail price of the smartphones increases up to 25% at the end of financial year in March and during this time around 52.8 million handsets were delivered.

As per the CMR report, this 53 million of smartphones were exported in the first quarter-half of the year during which the growth curve of the smartphone market decreases by 4%. Therefore the shipment of smartphones totally contributed 23.6 million out of 53 million handsets and this is quite high, almost 45%, whereas the Indian brands contribute about 67% of the overall smartphones. It is also said that the brands which are shipped out of India consist of locally manufactured smartphones of 66% and 4G smartphones of 60%.

It is quite surprising to notice in the CMR’s data that the high price band category of smartphone is constantly competing with the budget category and meanwhile the market of the mid-range smartphones are forced to grow flat. The counted sale price in the quarter year was Rs 12,285 then rises to Rs 12,983 but it the last Q1 year it became Rs 10,364, hence showing a year-on-year elevation.

Recently Mid-Range Phones Of Indian Brands Are Hit In The Gadget Market

The analyst from CMR also reported that the high price category of smartphone contributed approximately 22% of the shipment in the quarter-half. This proves that the consumers in the cost-conscious mart in India are not only choosing the affordable option but also are shifting progressively. The research firm also added that many global brands including Chinese brand are decline subsequently about 12.8%. According to the overall market survey, brands like Samsung, Micromax and Intex are the leading most and have done robust progress in price range. While Reliance Jio LYF brand emerged in the smartphone market recently with a market share of 8%.

Seeing the growth of 4G services, telecom analyst of CMR, Krishna Mukherjee said that all the telecommunication companies are looking forward for a giant transformation in technology about 4G LTE and this will happen in this year, 2016. Moreover he also said that the foreign brands globally are focusing mainly on 4G services while local service providers are quite happy with 3G technology.

He also commented that Indian handset makers are modifying their brand logos and acquiring new ideas for sales and marketing policies. Currently Canalys report said that in the Q1 of this year, Micromax’s purchase have shrunken much.

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