What Are the Signs of Water Damage in Your House?

Water leakage can bring serious damage to your house. If you ignore at the beginning, small damp can damage the beauty of the wall completely. You spend a lot in building a house. This is the dream home that you have always thought of. So, it is really painful to see any damage to the walls or the ceilings just because of water leakage. Now, the problem is so common that people often ignore and that results in disaster. Instead of ignoring the signs, if you concentrate on how to spot water damage in your house, that will be more helpful. How can you do that? Read on to know more-

  1. Concentrate on the Floors

If you think your marble flooring can’t have any water damage, you are wrong. According to experts, almost all types of flooring can have water leakage. Therefore, you have to be very careful about the damage. If you have wooden or tiled flooring, check out for any cracks or warped floor. If your floor is covered with carpet, check out if there is any damp spot, swollenness, or the odor of mold and mildews.

  1. Check out the Outside of Your House

If the walls, outside of your house, get damp, the inside walls will also get the effect of it. Inspect carefully the exterior of your house. If you find the flow of standing water that means your house is suffering from the poor drainage system. it also indicates the rain gutters are not working perfectly. These can lead to serious damage. Besides these, you should also check for cracks in the wall, broken shingles, and so on.

  1. Look for Any Stains

Are there continuous water stains under the bathtub, basin, toilet sink, etc.? Do you find your toilet is always wet? Then, it is the case of water leakage. You may find such stains on the floor, walls and the ceilings. Any such stains in the wall will indicate that there is some leaky pipe inside the wall. Along with such stains, you may find certain areas on walls that feel soft and swollen while touching. If you touch it, the paint may start peeling. Actually, it happens when the wall gets saturated. Take an immediate step to get rid of this.

  1. Are There Any Musty Odors?

This is another important sign that your house is suffering from internal water leakage. You can identify it as it smells like wet cardboard or newspaper. When your home gets older, it will have such smell, especially at the areas, like basement, attic, etc. The odor increases, especially after heavy rain. The smell is really irritating and you have to fix this issue immediately.

So, these are certain ways to spot that your house may have water damage. Any sign can be appalling as that can lead to serious damage to your house. Call for professional Water Damage Restoration Santa Ana to help so that they can figure out the problem and come up with an effective solution.

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