Maintaining Woolen Sweaters: The Guide To Home-Makers

Wool fabric is derived from the hair of various animals like sheep, yak, etc. Wool fabrics are very environment fabric as it is an organic fabric. This fabric is usually used to make woollen cloths for winters, including woolen caps for men and women, woollensweaters, cardigans, and blankets.

Functions: The main function of this fabric is to keep you warm. Wool fabrics are usually used in the making of woollen clothes that are insulated and are a great help to survive the winters. Along with sweaters and cardigans, this fabric is used for making blankets and socks too.

Different fibres: The ultimate source of wool is animal sheep. It is made by taking off the sheepskin and turning it into fabric and manufacturing clothing. However, there can be different sources of deriving the wool fabric to like: Camel, mohair, angora, vicuna, etc.

Maintaining your woollen clothes is very important. When you buy a certain woollen clothing, need to first read the manufacturers label for caring. Different woollens need different types of care, which will be mentioned in the labels. Here are some of the ways by which you can wash different wools.

Handwashing Wool:

Handwashing is the most common method of cleaning that most woollen garments need. For that use a very mild detergent or a liquid that specializes in washing woollens. Make the detergent foam and make sure that the clothing is properly covered in the solution. Keep squeezing the cloth gently while washing. If you notice the cloth losing its colour, do not worry as it is natural. Avoid being rough as it might distort the cloth. Rinse it in lukewarm water and ensure that the detergent is completely off the cloth following drying instructions on the label.

Machine Wash:

Machine wash is not recommended unless mentioned on the label. While machine washing your woollen cloth, try to avoid using detergents which might contain brightening agents. You should wash it at a temperature of 30 to 40 degrees only with a low spin cycle with short timing.

Dry Clean:

Make sure you choose a good, reputed dry cleaner to wash your clothes. If a cloth comes with a dry wash, only label, do not attempt to wash it in any other way. Dry cleaning is a very good way to get rid of moth eggs and larvae that the woollens might have. It also makes the cloth smoother and more comfortable.

For proper maintenance of your woolen sweaters, make sure that you keep it stored properly. The first thing you should do is to store it after cleaning it. This is because moths are usually attracted to stains on the cloths and also feed on human hair and animal hair. Larvae feed on the protein they have. SO it is crucial to clean the clothes before folding them neatly and then ideally storing them in storage bags. One more important thing you should do before sealing your woollens for the summer is to brush them with a soft brush lightly. Make sure you do that with all the clothes, including your garments, blankets, caps, and socks.

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