Why are Tiles the Perfect Choice for Bathrooms?

While designing the bathroom, you should always put some thought into choosing the material. This is because not all materials are ideal for the bathroom due to the constant exposure to moisture. Most materials will start showing signs of wear and tear very early. Hence, it is crucial that you only choose materials that do not get damaged due to constant exposure to water and moisture. Tiles are one of the most commonly used materials in bathroom designs. Most homeowners prefer tiles because they have plenty of benefits. Besides that, tile flooring looks very appealing and enhances the overall appeal. If you are not sure about what material to choose for the bathroom, mentioned below are a few benefits of installing tiles that will convince you:

1. High moisture resilience

For the bathroom, you will always have to choose a material that can put up with the moisture content. Besides that, you will also have to consider the harsh chemicals from shampoos, soaps, floor cleaners, etc. that can damage flooring and walls. Tiles are the best option as they are non-porous and can easily withstand harsh surroundings. If you are installing stone tiles in the bathroom, make sure that they have been sealed properly so that the harsh chemicals cannot damage the surface.

2. Little to no maintenance required

When a material stays exposed to water for a prolonged period of time, mold and mildew start growing. This can make maintaining the material very difficult. Materials like laminates can get ruined very easily as water starts affecting the glue and reduces its effectiveness. As the result, they might buckle and warp. Mold can grow in these places and make the place very unhygienic. The flooring will be completely ruined, especially if it has a light tone. The spots will stay very clearly visible. However, you will not face any such issues with tiles. They are very easy to clean and your bathroom design will always appear very neat.

3. A sturdy and durable material

While choosing a material for the interior design for home, you should always ensure that it is a sturdy and durable material. This will ensure that it is long-lasting. Tiles are a great option for your bathroom design because they are a durable and long-lasting option. Tiles are a very hard material that can last up to 70 years or more if maintained properly. Stone tiles can last even longer than 100 years. The only maintenance tiles require is re-doing the grout. Compared to this material, other options do not last very long. If you install laminates, they can last only 5 – 10 years, high-traffic areas can last only 2 years. Tiles are certainly the best option you have for the bathroom in terms of durability.

4. You have a plethora of designing options

Using tiles is a great idea for the interior design of your home if you want to design it according to your taste and style. There are innumerable options to choose from while buying tiles. Besides the traditional geometric and straight-edge designs, there are many modern tile designs that are very meticulously designed and cut using modern technology like waterjet technology. Experts always use this tool to cut tiles to maintain precision and accuracy at all times. If you want, you can get customised designs for the bathroom design made from different stone materials as well.

5. A budget-friendly approach

This point may not seem appropriate as tiles like ceramic tiles or stone tiles are a little more expensive than other materials but they prove to be a budget-friendly approach in the long run. Tiles are an insanely durable material with a high moisture resiliency. Hence, they stay in a better shape for much longer compared to the other materials. Also, if any tile gets damaged beyond repair, you do not have to replace the entire flooring. You just have to pay for the damaged tile and get it replaced, unlike other flooring types. Hence, even though you are paying more upfront, you are actually spending much lesser if you consider a long period of time.

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