Why Vintage Jewelry Is The Best Suit For The Modern Bride?

Vintage jewelry is experiencing unprecedented growth in popularity, and it is easily understandable why. Each piece of vintage jewelry has its own history, and one rarely finds two identical. Many pieces have been crafted with great attention to detail, making them a fantastic investment as family heirlooms; And women related to the environmental impact of mining or fair-trade practice in the diamond industry turned to vintage jewelry to express their social awareness.

But it can be a daunting task for women who may not have a degree in fashion or art history to complete the bridal ensemble or find the perfect “something old” to complement a favorite dress. Where can you find vintage jewelry?  What is a piece of jewelry as vintage? What is the difference between antiquity and vintage? This guide provides practical, useful answers to these questions, and recommends choosing the perfect vintage jewelry piece for any occasion.

Most jewelers and collectors agree on a minimum age of 20-25 years to consider an item to be vintage; An item is deemed to be antique after 100 years. Many jewelers carry vintage jewelry, and pieces often appear in online and estate sales markets. Some artisan jewelers also make new jewelry from vintage components, such as charm bracelets from earrings or many pieces of jewelry made from old brooches.

The oldest vintage jewelry still commonly found comes from the Victorian era. Victorian jewelry is romantic in tone and traditionally delicate, feminine, and influenced by nature. Mid-Victorian era pieces feature darker stones such as garnet, amethyst, and onyx, and would be perfect for a late evening wedding or a less partial bride for diamonds and pearls. Light gems such as amethyst, peridot, and diamonds are depicted in early Victorian and esthetic ornaments. Look for this time of jewelry for an elegant spring or summer wedding.

The Edwardian era began in 1901 with the ascent of King Edward to the throne of England, distinguished by lavish designs and expensive jewelry. Around the same time, Art Nouveau designed extremely famous botanical works in enamel. Collectors especially admire the designs of artist Louis Comfort Tiffany.

Of all the old jewels, perhaps the best known is Art Deco. Art Deco, still cherished by many fans, marks the economic boom between WWI and WWII. Art deco jewelry often consists of Bakelite, celluloid, enamel, and highly polished metals, with geometric shapes and bright colors. Art Deco’s elegant, vibrant, and ornamental jewelry is the best complement to a whimsical but modern style.

Reminiscent of old Hollywood, retro, or mid-century jewelry features bold colors and elaborate designs. Popular vintage jewelry from this period includes cocktail rings, watches, and charm bracelets. Women who admire fashion icons such as Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, and Doris Day should look for vintage jewelry from the retro era.

Conclusion: So, try to surf your best vintage jewelry and create a unique identity for you in different styles among your friends and colleagues. What could be a better way for you to choose the best online vintage jewelry to sit comfortably in your bedroom? The new came out in the old vintage style always brings something new to be proud of.


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