Why Melbourne is Famous for Street Artists?

Melbourne is the most famous city as well as the second-largest city in Australia. It is famous for its street artist Melbourne and culture. This city is also known as the stencil capital of the world. This art makes people alert and inspires, as well. They are free to draw anything. In the past, these paintings were not preferred to be good as the people thought that these drawings do not earn them anything. But nowadays people’s nature, as well as thinking, is changing, and they prefer to be good.


There were many paintings made in this city to make people aware of the city. These artists have a great community. These artists work together to spread awareness among the people. There is a city center where old paintings are there. The artist from the world joins their hands to make this city incredible and attractive. Many visitors come to see these paintings.

Public and government responses

There are many local types of council who preferred these paintings, but many government officials do not like these paintings. Some officials try to make efforts to preserve these paintings. The prime minister made some laws for this street artist Melbourne that their paintings should be preserved and should be made on the culture and traditions.


These artists make a festival named Melbourne stencil festival. These street festivals are celebrated all over the world. In this festival, the iconic hosier wall is repainted by various painters; It is celebrated between 27-29 November. An invert launched it. This exhibition is there. Every artist displays their paintings to showcase their art. 


These types of paintings are drawn on the walls of the streets, and it is showcased to all the people and to inspire the people. It just brings confidence in people to do something or to make them relax from the regular work they are doing. Some do these paintings on social issues or some on the urban walls to showcase their work. These professional graffiti artists use spray paint to draw their art. 

Commercial cross over

Some graffiti artist Melbourne was very poor and only wants to showcase their talent through these drawings. These artists grow by their patience and enthusiasm and reach to heights by this only, now they are concluded as the best artist. Many people from various countries come to see these wall paintings. 

Public acceptance

In the earlier time, these were not accepted by the people as these paintings were not allowed by anyone. But nowadays they are given equal status, and their paintings were accepted. These paintings bring a lot of tourists to the city from different parts of the world. They also appreciate these paintings. 


Street art is the art that is used to express their feelings in the form of paintings, whether it is the anger of something or happiness. Each one has its own talent. This is the only way to express the beauty of art.


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