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With the Aid of BTS, BSNL is in 5th to launch 4G in 14 Zones

Today BSNL is in the 5th position in India after Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, and Reliance Jio to launch the 4G connection across the country.

Though the Government-recognized BSNL telecom company has already established 20 MHz broadband wireless (BWA) orbit at 14 telecom zones across the country of total 2,500 MHz; therefore is has become easy for BSNL to introduce 4G connections in those telecom circles without facing any licensing complications.

BSNL has so far released 4G service in Chandigarh at a speed of 35 Mbps by following two methods such as- capex basis and revenue sharing ground- all for this 4G turn out. As per a senior official report the telecom company hasn’t declared any proper timeline for the launch of 4G service. The company is just planning to do it in quite steady step by establishing 4G base tower stations (BTS) in the prevailing GSM sites and thus capable of avoiding extra expenses while introducing new towers.

With the Aid of BTS, BSNL is in 5th to launch 4G in 14 Zones

Anupam Shrivastava, managing director and chairman of BSNL answered to PTI that the management authority of BSNL has already approved the 4G service roll-out on the basis of revenue sharing model which should be applied in and around the middle of this month.

Reviewing all the facts, it is seen that 4G service within 2,500 MHz band is easily achievable and also economically supportive. For this model BSNL will not carry out any kind of expense and the money required for the installations will be supplied by the service provider. BSNL will only own 4G customers and services in 14 telecom circles and also do the billings for the service. Moreover based on the capex model, the acquirement of LTE elements has been started in some selected cities for just experiment.

Shrivastava also said that the average growth of BSNL on the subscriber basis being 0.85%, whereas growth rate is 1.67%. This growth rate will increase by the 4G service as the rates are affordable and hence meet with the people’s expectations. BSNL is now the 2nd largest mobile sites expecting to produce 1.35 lakhs base stations at the end of coming financial year. He also added that earlier BSNL had invested Rs 8,313.80 crore for 2,500 MHz spectrum band in 20 areas in 2010 was not so fruitful and thus later on the company returned some of the airwaves by auctioning 3G service. Now BSNL has adopted asset monetization and low capital expense in order to turn out 4G services.

Chairperson of BSNL also reported that the company after losing large number of customer has now introduced MNP facility in 2015-2016 and thereby fetching quite a number of customers and also registered its highest growth in February by launching wireless network. The company is also looking forward to introduce 40,000 Wi-Fi hotspots throughout India in the next 2-3 years and which will be an appreciation to their 4G connections.

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