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Quick Tips to Maintain Your Jewellery’s Shine during Monsoons

Imagine this, you are getting ready in the morning and take out your favourite silver bracelet only to find that it has some black spots on it indicating that it is slightly tarnished. Moisture and poor care usually do that to precious metals. But, don’t you worry! Just bring your silver bracelet over to the best jewellery shop near you and get it to be shining as good as new.

Meanwhile, read on to find out how you can perfectly maintain your precious jewellery to keep it from tarnishing or corroding especially during the monsoon season.

  • Store different metals separately

It is a common advice given by jewellers to always keep all your jewellery pieces in separate boxes or pouches so that constant rubbing doesn’t damage them. You should keep all your Gold jewellery in one pouch/bag, silver in another, your precious Pearls in a third box and Diamond Jewellery in a completely different case. Also make sure that the box you are storing your jewellery in is sturdy from the outside yet has a soft lining inside. Though, it would be better if you store your precious jewellery in its original box.

  • Keep away from Harsh Chemicals

Metals tend to corrode faster with exposure to harsh chemicals. So, you need to be sure to protect your jewellery from any sort of makeup, hair products, perfumes or direct sunlight. Keep your jewellery away from vinegar, lemon and acidic foods as well. Also, while cleaning your jewellery avoid using harsh abrasives as they may permanently damage your exquisite jewellery’s unique texture and colour.

  • Keep your Jewellery Dry

 You need to make sure that you keep your jewellery away from moisture. That means that if you are wearing it out, you should wipe it with a dry cloth and ensure it is completely dry before storing it away. If you have cleaned pearls or any jewellery attached with a string, you should let them dry on a towel before storing it away. Since the string may take longer to dry and stains easily, it is better to let your pearls dry for a little longer than your other jewellery pieces.

  • Use Different Methods to clean different kinds of jewellery

Each gemstone has its unique properties and the same cleaning methods cannot be applied to every other precious metal. For example, the solution used to clean silver jewellery cannot be used to clean Gold Jewellery, likewise, Diamond Jewellery can be cleaned using simple soap and water but the same cannot be done for any other precious metal, gemstone or even pearls. For Jadau Jewellery, gently rub the moisture stains off with a simple eraser. Do not use water as it will damage your precious Jadau Jewellery even more ultimately leading to rusting.

It is advisable to regularly visit your jeweller to get your jewellery professionally checked for any damage and get it repaired on time. Precious jewels also need buffing and polishing from time to time and getting your jewellery polished just at the start of the Monsoon season is a good way to preserve its shine and elegance. As a professional jeweller myself, I assure you these are tried and tested ways of maintaining your jewellery and keeping it as good as new.

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