“Great Grand Masti” refurbishes the old famous song “Resham Ka Rumal”

The old famous song “Resham Ka Rumal” is going to be recreated in the comedy movie “Great Grand Masti”. In 2004 “Masti” was released as a comedy movie in which three married man featuring Reteish Deshmukh, Vivek Oberoy & Aftab Shibdashani were trapped by a beautiful lady Lara Dutta in search of extra marital affair. After nine years of “Masti” the 2nd part is released with another bunch of laughter. After three years of “Grand Masti” the 3rd part is going to be released in the name of “Great Grand Masti” featuring the same actors Reteish Deshmukh, Vivek Oberoy, Aftab Shibdashani. This film also deals with the exploitation of the three men by Urvashi Rutela in search of fun or Masti.

Urvashi Rautela is Yamla Fascino Miss Diva & Miss Universe 2015, who is going to storm the film with her appealing presence along with the song “Resham Ka Rumal”. In the film three young men encounter with Urvashi & falls in love with her & then their exploitation are started. The film is an adult comedy film directed by Indra Kumar, who wants to present a fresh air of laughter to the audiences.

Actually the series states that if the married men want to have fun with the unknown ladies they might have been in the trap of the opportunist people, who always try to set the opportunity to exploit the married men by black mailing them. On the other hand the series also states the unbreakable bonding of the husband & wife. Only reason of their distraction is that they start to feel bored with their spouses. So indirectly there are some tips to make your married life interesting with your spouses along with the caution to be exploited by the knaves.

The movie is an adult comedy. So some adult scene & dialogue will be there to bring the fun of sexual comedy. But everybody has to take it lightly because comedy means to take away stress from our real lives. It only adds some pleasure & laughter with the screening of embarrassment & exploitation of three fun seeker married men. The director lightly carries the message of importance of being faithful in married life & to be happy with your spouse with the comedy & touch of some extend of sexual pleasure.

“Masti” & “Grand Masti” were super duper hit comedy. Now its time to watch the public acceptance of  “Great Grand Masti” & it is now just the matter of time.

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