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Pakistan Denies To Take Responsibility For The Terrorist Attack In Dhaka

Pakistan has clearly denied the connection of Islamabad or ISI with the terrorist attack in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Primarily the U.S embassy in Dhaka claimed that they have some video evidence to prove the ISI connection with Terrorist attack at “Gulshan café” in Dhaka. On reply to this acclamation, Pakistan has stated that they don’t have any clue about the incident & ISI is not at all connected with the incident from any angle.

The Incident:

On 1st July 2016 few young gunmen attack the “Gulshan Café” in Dhaka, which is situation within less than 1.5-kilometer distance from the U.S embassy & other important authority buildings of other country’s embassies & Bangladesh Government. On arrival into the café, the gunmen first gave Bengalis the chance to escape. So, it became clear from this approach that the main target is the foreigners & the non-Muslims in the café. After the removal of the Bangladeshis, the terrorists started to shoot in the café & few were kept as the hostage. A police officer posted nearby was also killed during the shooting.

The Rescue Mission:

Finally the Bangladesh Army came & rescued few of the hostages. The Brig. Captain of the rescue mission Mujibur Rahman claims that they have saved 16 hostages from the grip of the terrorists, where the Prime Minister Sheikh Hassina says that 13 hostages were rescue. But the fact is the terrorist didn’t demand anything in exchange of the hostages. Total 6 gunmen are shot dead by the rescue team & one terrorist has been arrested in hand of the army. One of the terrorists is the son of Aoami League leader in Bangladesh. It is known from the eyewitnesses that the main target was the foreigners, Non-Muslims & the people who hold the citizenship of the other country but Bengalis by origin. The hostages were sent to the nearby hospital shortly after the rescue operation.

About The ISI Connection:

It is the claim of U.S that the whole incident is equipped by the ISI from Pakistan. They also claimed to have the video evidences that the attack had taken place with the leadership of Al-Qaida & the guidance of ISI. Yesterday in a statement, Islamabad has stated that it is unfortunate that Pakistan is being accused for the adverse terrorist attack in Bangladesh. They also added that Pakistan & its Intelligence Bureau ISI is not related to this attack from any angle & Pakistan also regret the loss of Bangladesh for this terrorist attack. Though Pakistan is claiming so, U.S & Bangladesh have not given any statement still now accepting the innocence of Pakistan. The inquiry on the terrorist attack is also going on from the side of Bangladesh to find out the ‘Black Hand’ behind this vandalism.

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