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Virat Kohli Puts A Spectacular Show, Drives Indian To Victory

India rode to victory against Pakistan with six wickets remaining, the match being played at Eden Gardens Kolkata. Right from the time India was made to chase of the target set by the Pakistani team, there was one man who had decided to show up till the end. And what a show it was! Yes. One man Virat Kohli, who made it particular that India, should see the win against their arch rival in cricket. While Kohli completed his super 50, skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni finished off the innings in his trademark style.

Earlier it was expected that Rohit Sharma would blast away right from the beginning. Although, he pretty much started on the same note, he lost his wicket too early followed by other two falls like Shikar Dhawan and Suresh Raina which made Kohli strike a partnership with Yuvraj Singh. At one point, the duo was struggling hard to drive India closer to the asking rate which made us felt that Pakistan might have their day. Closer to finish, Yuvraj did went for a lofty ball which made it land into the hands of the Pak fielder and that was the end of it. But, before then the platform had been set and Kohli saw the opportunity to make it big and along with skipper Dhoni they hurried off to finish the match in just 16 overs. Virat Kohli remained unbeaten with 55 runs from 37 balls that gave his career a new turn. This is perhaps the very first time, when the pitch at Eden Gardens saw great length offered by pacers. The consistency of pace that was offered by Indian bowlers dried up eventually as Pakistani bowlers lost their line quite a few times and the pace seemed to have gone as the match progressed during the evening.

Due to rain, the match was delayed by half an hour and instead of 20 overs it was decided the match would be played for 18 overs. The victory created a new history of Indian cricket at Eden Gardens defeating Pakistan.

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