How pregnancy will alter the course of your relationship

Swollen legs, and a bloated belly are some of the changes you see in yourself in the endeavor of a new addition to your family.  At this juncture, husband and wife relationship during pregnancy will have a change from the exteriors as well. Let us put it in simple terms as love, pregnancy and relationship can all be a tricky affair. At times during this stage, you will feel that your partner is on a different planet altogether. Be mindful of all this and understand your emotional quotient so that the relationship between you and your partner is strengthened to the core. Let us now analyze the common changes witnessed at this point of time.

You are bound to be clingy

The hormones of pregnancy surf through your body and takes an overall toll on the emotions of your body. Women experience a feeling of abandonment and even the most independent women will feel that their husband has left them or they have been hurt in a road accident. This leads for them to make unreasonable demands like wearing a helmet always or checking their status in every half an hour. Do not press the panic button as the pregnant lady will restore back to her senses as the stage of pregnancy progresses. In the meantime, shower all the love and attention which your partner craves, for now, be it in the form of hugs

Your thought process will indeed be not on the same page

The moment you come across an extra tinge of line on the plastic stick, you do feel like a mom. For the matter of fact, even your body goes on to confirm the newly appointed status. It is not just your better half will be excited in the fact that he becomes a parent, but his excitement levels are not bound to match with yours for sure. As far as possible not to be upset in this situation of pregnant new relationship.

He is bound to be left out

Each and everything is bound to happen to you and most of the charm of pregnancy is centered around you. Since he is not feeling that thing, the bond of connection is bound to reduce. You need to encourage him to bind with the womb so that he feels connected in a better way. Make him a dinner or a romantic date will give him the feeling that you are still the go to guy for her.

Intimacy is bound to reduce

You get used to the functions of your body is an interesting time during the stages of your pregnancy. In fact, sharing them with your partner will be a new thing for you as well. There will be moments where both of you will bask in each other’s glory and feel emotionally connected to each other. All the embarrassing may be a thing of the past but these are definite signs that you should enjoy.

Sex is bound to slow down

In the first trimester, your romance is going to slow down especially when you feel a sense of tiredness along with morning sickness. As and when the bump beings to enlarge getting between the sheets virtually becomes an impossible situation, but do not ignore it and try to create a situation where it happens.

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