Iphone 5SE: The New Launch From Apple

A cheaper iPhone based on Gadget Desk base has been launches today at 10.30 AM according to Indian time. The program would take place at the auditorium for the Silicon valley based Apple coming up with the iPhone 6 accompanied with new advanced features for which SE can be recognized as an iPhone.

Points to Note

Some important facets are given below as follows:

  • When the first iPhone came to the world about nine years ago, the display size was only 3.5 inches.
  • Next, in Sepetember 2015, 6S Plus was launched with a screen size of 5.5. inches and the recent new one would comprise of a screen of 4 inches.
  • It would come up with a far better camera equipped with smarter features that users would love to use. The new iPhone 6S there comes up with all the exclusive attributes in recent times.
  • According to a report, the price of the new model will be between $400-$500 in Indian rupee which is Rs. 25,000-Rs. 33,000.
  • The stuffs would be launches during the event that would include the devices such as iPad pro, the smaller one with a screen size of 9.7 inches. The total size of the device is 12.9 inches and users can make use of all the feature easily that make it one of the best ones.
  • You need to remain updated knowing the news brands from Apple that can face low sales in real time.
  • Another question arises that Apple usually launches new products in September then this year why the company settled on to launch mid year? The reason is sales value that’s leading to such change of decision.
  • In 2015 the sales figure dropped by 1% between October-December that indicates negative impacts on the performance of the brand.
  • Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple revealed that the quarter sales would go down for the first time in between January-March that comes up as real shocking news.
  • And according to the market experts the new launch from Apple is intended to increase the sales of the ‘small.’ This is why they took the decision to come up with the new launch.
  • Again some other experts say that this type of off-season sale would definitely increase and this would become a nice strategy enhancing the overall sales during April and September this year that would be a real striking situation.

Overall, you can get a clear view about the important facts for Apple launching the new iPhone 6S with new eye-catching features. It would help the users to comprehend the entire details realizing the real importance of technology making it easier to go smarter amid the crowd.

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