What should I do after laser hair removal?

After the laser hair removal procedure, you will need to focus on the post care work that you have to do. This will help you to overcome the minor side effects that you are experiencing with laser hair removal. On top of that, you will also get the opportunity toreceive long lasting results out of laser hair removal as well. Here are some of the most important things that you will need to keep in mind when you care for your skin after the laser hair removal procedure.

Don’t worry too much about bumps and redness

After the laser hair removal procedure, you will have to experience bumps and redness on your skin. You should understand that it is completely normal to see bumps and redness on your skin after laser hair removal. There is no need for you to worry about anything with them. In fact, the redness, and bumps that you can see on the skin would last from 2 hours to 24 hours. During this time period, you just need to wait.

However, you should also remain mindful and see whether the redness is increasing along with time. If you noticed that the redness is increasing, you need to understand that there’s something wrong. Hence, it is better to get in touch with your doctor and seek expert advice.

When you are dealing with bumps and redness, you will have to go through an experience that is pretty much similar to sunburn. This is where you should be using cold compress. Along with the help of cold compress, you will be able to reduce the overall sensitivity that you will have to deal with. If you are having a dark colored skin, you will have to deal with more discomfort. This is something that you should keep in your mind.

Cleanse the area

You will also need to cleanse the area that was subjected to laser hair removal after the procedure. In other words, you can gently wash the area with the help of mild soap. After washing the area, you should pat dry your skin. You should ensure that you are not rubbing the skin at least for a period of 48 hours. Otherwise, you will end up with causing damages to the skin.

Don’t use moisturizer, lotion, and makeup at least for 24 hours

Laser Hair Removal – ForeverSilky.co.za told us that after going through the laser hair removal procedure, you should refrain from the usage of deodorants, moisturizer, and lotion for a period of at least 24 hours as well. That’s because you should keep the entire area dry and clean. If you have to experience further irritation or redness on the skin, you will need to skip your moisturizer and makeup products as well. On top of that, it is also important to skip the deodorant that you are using. When the irritation goes away after a period of 24 hours, you will be able to go ahead and use the deodorants and lotions.

Dead hair follicles will start shedding after 5 to 30 days

Dead hair follicles would not immediately start shedding after the laser hair removal procedure. It would take around 5 to 30 days to happen. Therefore, you should remain mindful about this. If you aren’t aware of this fact, you might get worried to see how your hair is shedding, even after a couple of years. This is where you need to understand that it is completely natural for dead hair to shed from 5 days to 30 days after the treatment.

You can exfoliate to speed up shedding

Instead of allowing the natural shedding process of hair to take place up to 30 days, you can think about exfoliating your skin. That’s because exfoliating your skin will provide you the opportunity to speed up the overall shedding process. Therefore, you will be able to get faster results with the help of your laser hair removal process as well. There are numerous methods available to exfoliate your skin. You may take a look at those different approaches to exfoliate your skin and make sure that you go for the best approach out of them. Then you can reap amazing benefits at the end of the day.

Don’t expose your skin to the sun

You should be extra careful up to a period of around 2 months after laser hair removal. In other words, you will need to refrain from exposing your skin to the sun. That’s because UV rays emitted by the sun can cause damaging effects on your skin. However, this might not be something that you can practically do. In case if you come across the need to go out, you will need to think about using a sunscreen. Not all sunscreen products can deliver positive results to you as well. This is why you should think about using a sunscreen that has a SPF rating of at least 245 or high. When you will be able to get the best returns that are coming to you with the laser hair removalprocedure.

Don’t scratch or tweeze the area

You shouldn’t be doing anything to the area where you removed unwanted hair with the help of laser hair removal procedure. That’s because some activities that you do to the skin can lead you to negative effects. Therefore, you should refrain from encountering such negative effects at all. For example, there is no need for you to go through any other hair removal method after you went through the laser hair removal. Hence, you shouldn’t think about even attempting any of the methods. In other words, you shouldn’t tweeze, thread, wax, scratch, or pick the area. Then you can leave the skin as it is, so that you can receive positive results that are coming with laser hair removal.

Keep these facts in mind and take good care of your skin to receive excellent results out of laser hair removal.

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