Significance of Pooja Room in House

The Hindu families are extremely profound in performing prayers twice a day. A conventional Hindu family consistently has a different space for Pooja and sacred ceremonies. The ceremonies lead to harmony and holiness in the family. The Pooja room is a different room where every idol of the lord is placed. These may incorporate idols of Lord Ganesh, Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva and Goddess Laxmi, and you can even buy hindu God idols online. Aside from the symbols, the Pooja room likewise has an incense remain with incense sticks set on it. You may likewise discover a Pooja Thali or pooja lights in the pooja room.

For what reason do we have a Pooja Room at our home? 

A Pooja room has the best importance in the Hindu family. It is set in the ideal place of the room. The Hindu families believe that God is the maker of the whole universe, and we are simple guardians of his manifestations. The presence of the prayer room is a hidden token of the equivalent. This room shows us that we are small inhabitants of his property, and subsequently, we should never fall prey to pride and possessiveness.

The simple recognition of this place is dispassion and empowers one to perform obligations with complete inclusion and unattached attitude. Hindus wherever they go they set up their temples room there, wheteher they are in Usa or India. Therefore, if you want to buy pooja mandir in USA, you can just browse the google and you will handfull of options who deliver pooja mandir to you in USA.

Furthermore, a prayer surfaced from the heart’s centre in an undisturbed spirit has a great deal of force, and the prayer room fills with this need. When you enter this sanctum, you are disconnected from common turmoil and become one with God. This obsession drives devotion and unburdens the heart.

At the point when we serenade mantras in the pooja room, positive vibrations are created. These vibrations significantly affect our psyches and give right heading to life. In this manner, it is fundamental that these rooms are set away from Bedrooms and Bathrooms to stay away from the entrance of negative energies.

In conclusion, these rooms channelize energy that mends the whole self. When one visits these rooms, he draws a stage nearer to harmony, success, and progress.

Things to be remembered while making a prayer space in the house:

  • While worshipping, one should look towards East/North.
  • The tallness of the idols in Pooja room should be more than 2″ and not more than 9″.
  • The feet of the lord figure should be at the chest level of the believer adoring.
  • Avoid putting away anything over the chest or section where God’s object is set.
  • Do not make a Pooja room in a bedroom or on a divider neighbouring the washroom.
  • Wash your hands and legs before going into the pooja room.
  • Use copper vessels for putting water in the pooja room.
  • Do not draw a three-sided model of any God.
  • The divider shades of the pooja room should be white, lemon or light blue.
  • The Agni Kund should be in the SE heading, and the contributions should be made to the fire with the face towards the east.
  • Place the light in the Southeast corner of the pooja room.

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