Sunscreen for men

The Sunscreen Not Only Shields You from the Sun but Also Provides Nourishment

Facial skin is thinner and therefore is in constant need of protection. It is the one to be directly linked to environmental influences such as harmful effects of sun exposure, the cold breeze as well as air pollution. Although men’s skin is tougher than women, they require a lot more care due to ample hours of outside work. Owing to these reasons, continuous sunscreen for men is quite essential for every skin type to stay fit and fine.

Damaging effects of UV radiations:

Sunburns are the inflammatory responses that your skin exhibits on coming into contact with the harmful solar radiations. Sun is the sole natural source of ultra-violet radiations and longer you hold on to sun exposure, the more it is going to damage your skin from within. The constant UV exposure is responsible for a free radical formation which further contributes towards oxidative damage. If ignored for a more extended period, it may also bring about DNA mutations thereby leading to cancerous tissue formation. UVB and UVC are most destructive of all three forms of UV, yet UVA too damages the skin to a large extent.

Effects of UV radiations in a nutshell:

  • UV radiations bring in a decrease in the overall elasticity of the skin.
  • It helps in increasing the wrinkle formation
  • It contributes towards the onset of pigment disorders
  • Finally, it leads to the introduction of skin cancers

Sunscreen for men- complete skin protection:

Sunscreen or more specifically is the one to offer broad-spectrum protection. Different brands of sunscreen available in the market incorporate different active ingredients to enhance and nourish the skin through all its dermal layers. Organic sunscreen formulations consist of essential plant oils, a wide array of anti-oxidants which naturally moisturize the skin.

Sunscreen either follow a reflection or an absorption phenomenon when it comes into contact with the solar radiations. When it follows a reflection phenomenon, they are referred to as physical sunscreen. Those following absorption phenomena are termed as chemical sunscreen. The underlying mechanisms of both chemicals, as well as a physical sunscreen, are same; they protect harmful UVA and UVB radiations from targeting your live cells.

Besides active ingredients, sunscreen formulation consists of essential plant oils. These organic plant oils are meant to ultra-moisturize your skin for sufficient nourishment. Some of these essential oils contents of the sunscreen are sunflower oils, jojoba oil, organic extra virgin oil, vitamin e oil, and others. These oils are excellent resources of vitamins, anti-oxidants, and polyphenols which collectively work on nourishing and enriching your dermis from its deepest layer.

A quick look at the characteristic feature of the high performing sunscreen for men:

  • It won’t flow and enters your eyes the moment your body sweats.
  • Organic sunscreen helps your skin to breathe in naturally and without any obstacles.
  • These sunscreens are strong protective agents in extreme conditions.
  • Water-resistant sunscreen formulations stay on to your skin even when you engage yourself in outdoor activities that cause you to sweat a lot.
  • These sunscreens are absolutely devoid of all forms of irritating ingredients.

Why consider SPF important while selecting your sunscreen?

We all know that achieving 100% UV protection is next to impossible. However, the higher the SPF value sunscreen you choose, the more protected your stay.

-SPF 15 ensures 92% protection against the damaging effects of UVB radiations. -SPF 30 provides for 96.7% protection against UVB radiations.

-SPF 50 ensures for around 98% protection.

As your skin stays protected from the UVA, UVB and UVC rays, the essential oils in your sunscreen base, provides that there is enough moisture to maintain its state of hydration. Also, there is no need to go beyond the selection of sunscreen with more than 50 SPF value. Going beyond the SPF value, your skin requires might cause skin irritation and make them highly sensitive.

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