The Best Indoor Plants For Your Valentine To Make Strong Love-Bond

Gifting a plant on Valentine’s Day to your partner can comprise so many hidden meanings. But the correct plants can express your love to your valentine without saying a single word. Plants can be the perfect option if you are searching for a Valentine’s Day gift that can make a strong love bond.

You must be thinking about how it can be an ideal choice for the most romantic festival for couples. Well, plants are gender natural, suitable for people of all ages, provide a fresh environment, and are available in a variety for home décor. And some plants also symbolize love, making them the perfect gift for couples that are mentioned below. You can purchase them from various online platforms. 

1] Bleeding Heart

Bleeding Heart, by its name, consists of a heart-shaped flower with a color combination of pink and red. These two colors are considered the symbol of love, and the shape of the flower makes it more romantic. These plants can be grown in planters and can be kept inside the house. And with this portability, you can present your boyfriend/girlfriend on Valentine’s Day that can feel them with romance. 

2] Red Rose

How can we forget the red roses, the biggest symbol of romance and love through which you can share your feelings without saying a single word? Instead of gifting a rose bouquet, you can present a portable plant that will make him/her remember you whenever they water it. You can shop for plants online, place the order on your preferred site, and send it to your girlfriend/or boyfriend at the place they live.

3] Hot Lips

The next plant that you can present to your better half is the hot lips, well known as Psychotria Elata by its scientific name. The name ‘hot lips’ is because of the bracts or modified leaves that look exactly like a pair of pouting human lips. This plant can be gifted on the occasion of kiss day that will make your valentine feel your kiss even if you are far from him/her.

4] Anthurium

Anthurium plant is another indoor plant that can be presented on Valentine’s Day. It is a flowering plant that resembles romantic heart-shaped flowers that looks like a leaf. Anthurium is an undemanding houseplant that doesn’t need direct sunlight, which makes it easy to maintain. You can easily get in various online gift-shopping sites from where it can be delivered to your preferred place.

5] Hoya Kerrii

The last is the hoya Kerrii plant, the perfect symbol of love due to its thick heart-shaped leap. And because of its romantic appearance, this is among the first choice other than rose plants for most lovers. It requires less sunlight and water to grow, so it can be kept inside the house and so portable that you can decorate your workplace with it.


There are some other plants, too, like hearts of strings, also called Ceropegia linearis subsp woodii by its scientific name. This plant consists of heart-shaped leaves grown continuously on the steam of the plant is a great symbol of love. However, this can also be presented as a Valentine’s Day gift that is also available on various shopping sites.

All these sites are experts in delivering fresh plants directly to the doorsteps maintaining the temperature required. And these plants are delivered within 24 hours to various parts of the country to save them from dying. So, you can trust them and order now some unique green plants for your valentine to make a strong love bond.

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