The Real Reason Hyundai Creta is a Dream Car for All – Know Why Everyone wants to Buy it!

The all new Creta by Hyundai is already a mega hit. The Indian market has loved it everyone is buying this car. So what is it that people love in Creta?

Here’s the real reason why everyone’s going ga-ga over this SUV by Hyundai:

Eye Catching It Is!

Usually compact SUVs are built as a smaller version of the regular SUVs. No other brand in India has taken this seriously. If we compare other vehicles in this segment such as Ford Ecosport or S-Cross by Maruti Suzuki, these cars appear to be nothing more than a hatchback. On the other hand, the Duster by Renault sits squat. Another vehicle in this segment, TUV300 is clumsy even with its strong street presence. So, Creta, a stunner with just the right proportions is star car by Hyundai that has incorporated its Fluidic design. Car buyers across the country seem to have fallen for the design.

A Reliable Option

Hyundai promises the ‘peace of mind’ every car owner expects and deserves. No wonder Creta has proved to be one of the most reliable options for Indian car buyers. Cars from Hyundai are reasonable to maintain and look attractive. With car buyers showering their unwavering trust in the brand, this South Korean automaker has already earned a lot of popularity across India. Creta earned a warm welcome the moment it was launched.

Plush Interiors

Who doesn’t love good interiors? Plush interiors and attractive environment appeal every car buyer. And Creta come equipped with some really high quality stuff. A car is one of the most expensive possessions an individual invests in her/his lifetime, there should be no compromise. Creta comes with luxurious interiors to impress owners.

Easily Accessible

According to the latest news about cars and expert opinion, Hyundai has second largest touch points around the country, first being the Maruti Suzuki. This factor has proved to be pivotal for Creta’s remarkable success. The compact and attractive SUV has turned out to be an enormous seller for urban, semi-urban and rural pockets. Its pan-India scope has become a crucial element behind this success. Buyers prefer having a service center at nearby locations. Creta offers this facility to its users.

Excellent Pick Up

This is certainly what most Indians expect from their investment in a four-wheeler. A great pick up appeals all car buyers in India. This car is capable of sling shooting into traffic gaps. You would be amazed to see how effortlessly it overtakes. Creta comes equipped with 1.4 diesel and is quite lively and very polished. For the 1.6 diesel version, Creta accelerates like SUV. For petrol users, the motor offers very smooth and quick service. Options for engine make Creta an excellent package for the city as well as highway users. The combination of extraordinary pickup and in-gear acceleration influences buyers instantly.

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