Why Shower Corner Shelves Are Essential Accessory for Modern Bathroom

Bathroom gadgets like the shower corner shelf are becoming popular these days because of the need to organize a modern bathroom and make it look trendy.
Beyond organization, there is also the need for necessities in the bathroom to be as close to each other at the time you want them in the bathroom. It also means that having those necessities in the bathroom shouldn’t come at the expense of your bathroom safety in order not to cause an accident.
Many people need their shampoo, soaps, lotions, and potions close them always when they step into the bathroom. A conditioner that is far away from reach poses a more significant threat to safety than one that is behind the wall where the bathtub or shower resides. Accidents have been known to happen by simply not taken into consideration that shelve, basket, or hook is needed for the bathroom to function properly.
Shower corner shelf have been the solution most homes imbibe for a long time that has saved them the time and trouble associated with walking on wet tiles and marbles before reaching out for an accessory.
Like most bathroom accessories, you can make a corner shelf with materials, like;

Glass Shower Corner Shelf

The glass corner shelf is environmentally friendly when compared to most materials that are utilized over time in the shower. They can be wiped off immediately after use, and they don’t retain moisture as their counterparts do.
Glasses on their own don’t tolerate germs and dust much longer because of its high oxidant nature.
Having a glass cabinet shelf in your bathroom might be the deal-breaker you have been looking for all this while.

Wood Shower Corner Cabinet

Very inexpensive to buy and install, they can be placed anywhere in the shower from the corners of the walls, supporting a hanging basket, or used with a stainless steel handle.
Woods are highly corrosive when water touches them. Users should pay much attention to the location of the cabinet.

Stainless Corner Shelf

Stainless is more absorbing of extreme conditions than other materials used for the corner shelf. Like glass, dirt and dust can easily be wiped off from them. Liquids like water and moisture have no place where stainless steel is used.

Shapes That Are Essential for A Shower Corner Shelves

  • Rectangular Glass Shelf

Rectangular glass shelves or corner shelve is highly prevalent in bathrooms because they come to that flat surface that can almost take anything you have in your shower.
Towels, soaps, conditioners, and mirror are placed directly above it or in it to give protection and make them accessible when needed.

  • Round Corner Shelf

Round corner shelves work in the same way that you can find them in corners of the wall or wall-planted. Unlike rectangular glass shelves, that can be a stone corner shelve or corner self-stand – round corner shelve stay wall mounted.

  • Curved or Irregular Shaped Corner Cabinet

Suction cups, hanging shower basket, are a hugely popular example of this type of cabinet. They run from just baskets hanging by the side of the shower, to having a built in shelve that can be used to store every accessory needed in a bathroom.
Tension rod with a hanging basket is another way to go in finding out how important corner cabinets are in your bathrooms.
Other forms in which corner shelves have proven to be a highly invaluable asset in the bathroom is the provision of baskets, hooks, and racks that can be used to keep, hang and store bathroom materials without having to move from place to place.

Why are shower cabinet shelves so essential?

  • Corner Cabinet Organizes Your Bathroom

Organizing a bathroom is a difficult task. From the moment the bathtub or shower is placed, you begin to look forward to a more decent outlook in terms of where to place bathroom accessories.
A mirror is needed, but where do you place it? Do you keep your soap and lotion at the edge of the bathtub, or is your towel going to be hung on top of the shower? Either way, you risk exposing yourself to germs, no matter how clean your bathroom looks.
The organization is essential because it keeps everything in its place, and that is why a shower corner cabinet is vital for any modern bathroom that is looking to stay neat and trendy.

  • Corner cabinet ensures safety

Razor blades, shaving sticks are items kids can use to injure themselves if you leave all this flying in their bathroom after use; it poses a risk for their safety.
To curb such menace from happening, install a corner cabinet and keep this item out of the reach of kids. In conclusion, corner shelf might be the most critical accessory needed in a modern bathroom.

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