How Effective is Work From Home While Staying in a PG in Delhi?

Delhi, being the national capital, is always in the limelight. The accolades this city gets from millennials come from a variety of reasons including the lucrative opportunities offered by leading MNCs, the presence of reputed higher education institutions, and the high-quality lifestyle that the city offers people. That’s why a large number of people migrate to Delhi every year and for a majority of them, a PG in Delhi is a go-to choice due to their cost-effectiveness and convenience.

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, most people had to move to a remote working/ work from home situation to keep the wheels of the economy running. And adapting to this has taken effort. Be it at your own home with family, in an apartment with flatmates, or even a PG with your roommates, each situation has demanded adjustment and changes, as productivity has been hampered in most cases. From trying to find a quiet space, to limited infrastructure for a stable work-like environment, people in rented spaces have faced a host of challenges.

As a professional managed accommodation company, Stanza Living has kept these concerns on top of their focus list, creating an inclusive work environment. They have a range of provisions and services in place for the tenant so that you don’t have to worry about other chores and can just focus on your work. Considering there has been a huge disruption in personal and professional lives, let’s have a look at how effective rented spaces and PGs have been in enabling work from home and what are the things you should opt for to make the experience better:

Safe, Supportive, Lifestyle Amenities are Top Priority:

Living by yourself in an independent flat implied that you needed to rely upon your household services provider (cook, house help, driver, and so on) for the smooth execution of everyday errands. In any case, with the lockdown in effect, this external support ecosystem has been deeply impacted due to restrictions on people’s movement. At the same time, there is growing fear of dependence on this ecosystem as they exist as shared resources among various localities, service multiple houses, and thereby are more vulnerable to becoming infection super-spreaders. Hence, it is incumbent on the tenant to manage these tasks on their own, and juggle between personal and professional commitments.

On such occasions, with a nearby hostel in Delhi likewise experiencing interrupted household services, professionally managed accommodation providers like Stanza Living have become a second home for inhabitants. With in-house staff to run all operations from cooking to housekeeping, laundry to maintenance, they ensure that you don’t have to manage all this on your own. Next, with the lockdown announcement, professional operators also got quickly into action ensuring an adequate supply of food items, etc in advance so consumers are guaranteed their meals.

Work from Home Infrastructure is the New Necessity

Numerous individuals staying in a PG in Delhi have this issue in common. Having seamless internet services can be a  fantasy for them. With more individuals dependent for longer hours on the same internet line, bandwidth capacity is deeply impacted. From stuck video calls to weak network issues hampering work deadlines – internet services can be a setback. At the same time, you need an environment that is quiet and peaceful and conducive to uninterrupted work. Which means separate workspaces/ desks become a basic necessity. In such situations, managed accommodation operators offer –  enterprise-grade internet services, separate lines, and central troubleshooting. So be it work deadlines or entertainment, occupants can appreciate a seamless work/study and lifestyle experience.

Your Privacy Can Get Challenged

It may be difficult to maintain your privacy when you are living in your PG in Delhi, as with lockdown restrictions, most occupants will undoubtedly remain at home and can’t go outside for any entertainment or for work. If you happen to be in a local PG in Delhi which you only chose as a spot to crash for the night and save a few bucks, the current situation can hurt your everyday routine and hinder your way of life. Choosing a new, branded shared accommodation is thus a wiser choice. Their well-planned spaces take into account different consumer needs and are mindful of your privacy and space. This means you have ample room space, separate furniture (beds, cupboards, desks, etc) so that there is no compromise on space and harmony with roommates.  Further, with severe adherence to the protocols of social distancing, frequent cleanliness measures carried across properties, sanitization practices, thermal health monitoring, you realize you are in a sheltered and secure space.

So, working from home can be effectively carried out in the new-age PG-like spaces in Delhi if everything is well taken care of in advance.


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